Which degree is right for me to have master's in software engineering?

  1. I've always been fascinated to software's. But my university doesn't provide bachelor in software engineering.There are 2 majors :-Computer Science and Computer Engineering with 143 credit hours each. Which degree would be right for me so that I can follow the software engineering later in my master's level ?
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    Computer engineering has software plus some hardware background: circuits, solid state devices, and labs. You can include courses on device or real time programming if your interests lean that way.

    Computer science is strictly software, but includes more theory of algorithms, and perhaps compilers. If you are not interested in hardware or physics you may prefer this course.

    Of course you will learn to program in either - but the nature of the projects at the upper levels will be different. You should check with an academic adviser for both programs prior to making a decision.
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    Computer science should include software engineering as a subfield.

    Computer engineering is likely to be hardware-oriented and may not include any courses for software engineering.

    Thus, for you, computer science would be the better choice.
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