What is Software engineering: Definition and 55 Discussions

Software engineering is the systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software.

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  1. J

    Other Strategy for going from postdoc to software

    I'm finishing up a physics postdoc in experimental condensed matter physics, and I'm looking to go into industry. I'm aware that one avenue is programming, but I would be competing for entry-level positions against people fresh out of college who are specifically trained in the field, while my...
  2. F

    Physics Career Advice For Final Year Physics Student (UK)

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for some career advice. I want to go into software development (but feel free to suggest any other areas where I might be a good fit, I've also been looking at risk analysis positions). I have experience in a bunch of different areas but it feels...
  3. F

    From software development to physics PhD

    Hi there, Last June 2019 I graduated with a First class honors in Theoretical physics from one of the Top Unis in the UK. Then I started working for a company (of good prestige) as a software engineer full time. However, a few months in, I decided to apply for Masters and start a side project...
  4. fissifizz

    Physics From Software Engineering to Astrophysics Grad School

    Greetings everyone. I am an undergrad currently majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Physics. I entered college as a physics student because I wanted to pursue astrophysics as a career. After my first 1.5 years of courses and a summer research experience, I concluded that a career in...
  5. K

    Programs CS vs Software Engineering degree

    I'm looking into completing my degree online mostly due to the cost of tuition at a traditional university. The online programs I've been looking offer Computer Science while some offered Software Engineering. I was wondering which degree is the better option?
  6. ramzerimar

    Engineering Job experience or pursue a Master (Computer Vision)?

    I intend to finish my bachelor in Computer Science 3 years from now, by which time I will be 24 years old. I'm very interested in technology and cutting edge fields like Computer Vision/Machine Learning, and I would like to work with something like that in the future. Not necessarily with...
  7. Technik

    Engineering Software Engineering and Astronomy/Physics

    I am 26 years old and I recently went back to school to study computer science - I hope to graduate by 2019 with a BSci. I'm currently interning as a software engineer as well. I was curious what opportunities there are for software developers to work around physicists, astronomers, etc. My...
  8. Junaid Shahid

    Studying What to do After a BS in Software Engineering?

    I have done Software Engineering and want to study more, but confused what to do next? can you suggest me?
  9. Firedog89

    Programs Software Engineering or Computer Science degree?

    I wanted to know which one was better for finding jobs and salary wise or are both pretty much the same. Computer Science or Software Engineering degree? Also would anyone recommend getting the degree online?
  10. M

    What courses I have after bachelor in Software Engineering?

    I wanted to know what choices I have after finishing my bach in SWE? like what types of masters i have after SWE? And thank you.
  11. Vanessa Avila

    Engineering Questions about being a Software Engineering

    I am about to go to college, and I want to land on software developing as a career after college. I don't know exactly what kind of classes I need to take and I wonder if it revolves around more Computer Science and Programming or more Math and Physics? I searched online if Physics was...
  12. H

    Engineering Software Engineering Bachelors and future employment

    In two years, if I decide to go into software engineering, would the outcome be bad? I guess I would like to understand what the community here thinks about this, specifically factors relating to demand of the majors, outsource-ability, over-saturation and so on... What do you guys think...
  13. M

    Software Engineering Certificates?

    Hi All, Lately I've been getting the itch to go back to school (part time). I've been working more and more on software efforts and I'm really enjoying it. I don't have a problem actually writing code, but I do think that my lack of training in good software engineering fundamentals (i.e...
  14. S

    BS in Mathematics MS in Software Engineering?

    I graduated in December 2013 with a BS in Mathematics (minor in Applied Statistics). I have taken this semester off to job search and think over things before pursuing a Master's degree. Originally, I was planning on going for a Master's in Mathematics and try to get a job as an instructor at...

    Engineering Bioinformatics vs software engineering

    Hello, So today at my first day in my first year at computer science I saw those two specialties but I was confused which one to choose cause I can only choose one of them I would like if anyone would offer me some help choosing also telling me which jobs will be available to each specialty...
  16. C

    Which degree is right for me to have master's in software engineering?

    I've always been fascinated to software's. But my university doesn't provide bachelor in software engineering.There are 2 majors :-Computer Science and Computer Engineering with 143 credit hours each. Which degree would be right for me so that I can follow the software engineering later in my...
  17. Z

    Anyone here who has studied/is studying software engineering?

    It's what I recently decided to go into. If anyone has any experiences/advice/suggestions to help get into good universities, that'd be great. I love programming and physics, both for the same reason, which is the logic behind it. They both make logical sense. I math, chem, etc as well, I know...
  18. I

    Looking to be proactive for Software Engineering program

    Good day everyone, I'm currently looking for people who have gone or are currently into any Software Engineering program and that could provide information. I won't be getting into any program for another year or two and I would like to know of any ways I could possibly start improving my...
  19. STEMucator

    Engineering CompSci vs Software Engineering

    You know the deal. Very controversial topic. I'm currently enrolled in double major computer science and honors math, computing theory and numerical methods. Lots of different opinions on which one is better than the other in terms of a career. Pay is always debatable in the sense that...
  20. H

    Engineering From MS in Math to software engineering, experience with webapps

    First, I'll describe my situation. Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask my question. If it is, please let me know, and (if possible) suggest a more appropriate venue for my question. I graduated with a BS in Math a few years ago. I worked for 4 years for a web app company...
  21. E

    Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering vs. Software Engineering

    I'm applying to universities (the deadline is the 16th) and I've decided on engineering, and narrowed my choices down to 5 universities. I'm deciding between computer engineering and software engineering, but I notice that some universities only have computer science and computer engineering...
  22. C

    Computer Science or Software Engineering?

    Im looking to do a masters program. I am sort of torn between computer science and software engineering. I am interested in software engineering but I am wondering if computer science would be more reputable and give me more job options. I am looking to get a job in either the space or defense...
  23. C

    Software engineering instead of mechanical engineering

    I have been talking on this forum for a while about going back to school for engineering. I've been considering though getting a masters in software engineering. I am sort of conflicted though. I like computers but my main passion is aircraft. Since aircraft are becoming increasingly reliant on...
  24. V

    What Degree Should I Pursue for a Career in VFX and Animation?

    I am really interested in the VFX and animation industries and actively pursue learning vfx applications such as Autodesk Maya/3DS/Mudbox, Adobe After Effects, Blendr, and other programs. My university does not offere a real degree in animation or visual effects so which would be best for me...
  25. A

    Computer Software Engineering vs Chemical Engineering

    Basically. I'm a sophomore at Stony Brook University and I was doing biomed but now I think I want to be a software engineer so, I'm trying to get into the Computer Engineering program at my school. I did research and I learned that software developers/software engineers are growing in demand...
  26. M

    Engineering Is computer engineering the same as software engineering

    Is software engineering another name for computer engineering or is it diffrant and more specifc and can a computer engineer apply for a software engineer job?
  27. S

    Boundary-value analysis (Software Engineering)

    Homework Statement The problem is attached. I'm concerned with the second question. Homework Equations Black-box testing/Boundary value analysis. The Attempt at a Solution Firstly, am I correct in calculating 10^9 + 6 + 26 + 11 + 61 + 8 + 8 = 1000000120 number of possible inputs...
  28. 0

    Mechanical engineering vs mechatronics vs software engineering

    Need help :D Hi everyone, I am finishing my high-school and I have to decide what I'm going to study next. I cannot decide between mechanical engineering, mechatronics(modul: robotics) and software engineering. This is what I would like to do...
  29. A

    Difference in computer science and software engineering

    So it's my last year in high school and I enjoy programming but I don't know if I should apply to either computer science or software engineering. What really is the difference between the two majors?
  30. M

    Ontario Universities for Software Engineering

    Helloo everyone, I'm in Grade 12, Vancouver, B.C. Actually I'm planning to apply to Universities in Ontario under "Software Engineering" for next year and need your guys help in deciding the best Universities. Apart form Waterloo(UW) and Toronto(UofT) - which i'll be definitely applying to -...
  31. J

    Which Programming Language is Dominant in Industry?

    Hello, I'm a newly graduated engineer and planning on traveling for 12 months before settling into the real world. I have 12 months to develop my skills in programming languages C++ or C#, I only have basic knowledge of C from playing with PLC software / hardware etc. My question is is...
  32. C

    Engineering Software engineering and independence

    I tend to think very independently, often coming up with unconventional, sometimes unorthodox, ways of solving problems. I do not like to listen to authority such as having to code up software a certain way or following strict guidelines/formats. Do you think the software...
  33. J

    Programs MAE major considering Software Engineering

    Hello, I am a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major in my senior year and I enjoy it but I'm starting to think that I might be happier doing Software Engineering. as a note: I'm not really that interested in a career as computer programmer because they seem to make half the income as SE...
  34. I

    Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Masters in Software Engineering?

    Im college freshman and majoring in Computer Engineering. After I get my Bachelors degree, I want to go to grad school and get my Masters in Software Engineering. Even though I got my Bachelors in Computer Engineering, can I still get my Masters in Software Engineering? I am going to take some...
  35. S

    Engineering A road to software engineering

    I found this forum while looking up the basics of calculus, which now I know is a very important part of becoming a software engineer. So this is my first post. I am trying to find help(any) to my path of becoming a software engineer. I decided I wanted to get into the Software...
  36. M

    Software Engineering - cyclomatic complexity

    Homework Statement http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/651/cyclomaticcomplexity.png Homework Equations Main problem on part (i), am i correct on constructing the flow graph? The If statement after process x makes me quite confused. The Attempt at a Solution...
  37. R

    Software Engineering: Scope, Pay & Job Demand

    I'm currently majoring in EE, and it's my first semester and I realized the math class I am in is like so far behind what I am suppose to be in. I know EE is a GREAT job, lots of money, lots of job demand (lots of people want to hire you), and such and such, but the math and physics is extremely...
  38. M

    Engineering Physics major wanting to get into software engineering

    I am in my 3rd year of a physics b.s. program. I have been taking a few courses (not many) to get a computer science concentration. I have become increasingly interested in software engineering (not just programming), so I'm looking into how hard that is going to be with a physics degree...
  39. K

    Computer Engineering or Software Engineering

    Hi, I am currently majoring in computer engineering and I don't know if going in the right path. I am enjoying my computer engineering courses but I also want to do a lot of the stuff that is offered in software engineering. My questions are: 1) How much of a difference (programming wise)...
  40. G

    Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering

    So, when I'm looking at the college I'm pretty sure I want to go to, they offer CS. At some colleges, I've noticed that they have CS AND software engineering. So, is there a difference?
  41. G

    So, Oregon State, engineering physics, and software engineering?

    So, I'm a junior, but I'm planning on going to Oregon State. My two friends are going with me, and we plan on splitting bills and stuff like that. My whole family has kind of gone there, and I was hoping to break tradition, but I really love Oregon. I belong there. I was going to go for my...
  42. B

    What after software engineering?

    I'll just be graduating with my IT (software) -Engineering degree. Instead of the complete coding work I was thinking about doing masters in some art field in relation to my degree as I love it. So can anyone please suggest me some field in the same category?
  43. G

    Electronic or Software Engineering?

    I love them both. Which one do you think is more useful? Which one has more general application in everyday life?
  44. L

    Engineering How to transfer to Software Engineering

    I will be completing a Physics Masters degree this month. I really enjoy programming and want to become a software engineer. I am unsure of how to make the switch. Many of the jobs I have looked at require advanced programming knowledge you would get in a CS degree. Most of my knowledge of...
  45. L

    Programs What career oppurtunities are open to one with a pHD in software engineering?

    I wanted to be a computer engineer more towards the software basis but i would still like some knowledge of hardware, but most emphasis on software. If I were to get a phd in software engineering what sort of things could I do? would it be possible to go into research and engineer my own...
  46. L

    Engineering What is it like persewing software engineering?

    i hear it's like electrical engineering and computer sciences both which i am interested in. i have an interest in computers and mathematics. how is the program i am enrolled to be in the electrical and computer engineering program at UBC, it is a physics heavy courseload etc... i get A+ in...
  47. thrill3rnit3

    Computer science vs. software engineering

    What is the fundamental difference between the two? Sorry for my ignorance but I was just wondering :smile: I'm planning to do a 2nd major with Applied math and cs/se, if that helps.
  48. V

    Software Engineering: Origin of C++, TURBO C, Significance & Characteristics

    Hello. Will you please help me? I really need it.. 1. What is the origin of C++? 2. What is the difference between C++ to TURBO C? 3. Significance of software engineering in software development? 4. Characteristics of software engineering? Thanks.
  49. D

    Engineering Specific Software Engineering Career

    I am currently finishing up a B.S. in Astrophysics, and will start my second this fall, in Computer Science, Software Engineering concentration. My career goal is to be a code monkey for math, science, and maybe engineering applications, and maybe do some technical writing, too. I know pretty...