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Which engineering schools give scholarships to international students?

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    I am an Indian national and am a freshman at the National Institue of Technology [Calicut],in India where I am studying Mechanical Engineering. However it has always been a dream of mine to study at top university in the U.S.I have a strong longing to write my SATS over the coming summer and apply to some schools in the states and study over again. The reason I want to do this is beacause I feel that I am not able to realise my potential in India, and I find the educational system very discouraging.I am however not financially equipped to pay the entire tuition and so I will be needing a scholarship. I am passionate about physics and so I am considering switching to a physics degree, but I am still contemplating wether I should do this at the undergrad level or maybe at graduation,in which case I will fill up my undergrad elective credits with as much math and physics as I can. I would reallly appreciate your feed back in this regard. Could you please tell me if the mechanical engineering course and the physics course starts in the fall or later in january. Also, please tell my which universities offer these courses and offer scholarship to international students. My early high school grades are quite low since I finally turned over a new leaf in my life only in my final year of school during which I worked extremely hard [upto 16 hours a day].Therefore my final year marks are exellent . I had gotten an average of 93% and an A1 grade in all my subjects which is the second highest in my school and the 5th or 6th in the country [I did my high school in Qatar]. I am hoping this will be to my advantage in applying for scholarships.Please fill me up on this information.
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    You keep asking this. There are two likely reasons why you don't get many replies.

    One is that you seem to like to post Academic Guidance questions in Career Guidance. The people who are most likely to know the answer might not even see the question.

    The other is that there are hundreds of engineering schools in the US. They all have different rules and different scholarship availabilities. There probably aren't many people in the US who know the answer to your question, at least not the complete answer. If I asked you which schools in India give scholarships to Americans, would you know? I think you'll have to do some legwork on this yourself.
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    My friend, I was once like you. But don’t loose your Indian education. NIT Calicut is a good college in India. Work hard in their system. Indian Undergraduate program is really good. So instead of Cribbing about your college learn to work hard in the college you are in. I dont think you will get more oppurtunities anywhere in the world in terms of variety. I do agree our system does not offer enough Innovation and has quiet a lot of Disadvantages. Because by Cribbing your loosing your First year GPA which is very important. I guess your college conducted Tatva recently, Did you participate in it. Did you see the oppurtunities you got. And dont decide anything before entering your department. Once you enter Departments you will find your self in more serious situation. Work hard and apply for a PG course abroad. Btw I was also 2nd in my school and my aggregate was also 93.2% and I am also studying in NIT Trichy. And I also had this serious confusion. The truth that remains is you are in the most competitive environment in this whole world. So learn to fight and stay up there. If you what more help feel free to mail me at benzun1999@gmail.com
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