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Calculators Which graphing calculator to buy? approved for the SAT, ACT, AP

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    I'm currently taking a high-school pre-calculus class and next year I'm going to be taking AP Calculus and Physics I. I plan to major in Physics in college and I'm looking for a calculator that will get me through all of that.

    I need one that's approved for the SAT, ACT, AP, and is powerful enough for advanced Physics classes.

    Can anyone recommend a good one? I've only really seen TI calculators but I know there are other good ones out there. I'd also like to stay within a budget of $60 (used on Amazon).

    Just for reference, the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition is $60 used on Amazon and new ones are $165.

    I know I can get them from other sources but I'm just trying to get a common point of reference.
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    Re: Which graphing calculator to buy?

    My favourite calculator is the Hewlett Packard 48G. This is old and you will have to eBay it most likely. However, I would recommend that you buy the "Mathcad" software used. An older version will do you fine. The latest version is about $1000.00 FYI.
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    Re: Which graphing calculator to buy?

    ti nspire - (texas instruments) is the best one and its 100$-150$
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