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Which nations plan to build the most nuclear plants next decade?

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    which nation plans to build the most nuclear plants 2010-2020? China? India? France?

    Does the US lead in nuclear plant technology and engineering?

    Will any new nuclear plants be built in the US within next several years?
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    There are 'plans' and countries that are actually pouring concrete. Russia probably has th emost plants actually under constructions, France an Japan have one or two each
    see http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf17.html

    France and Japan probably have the most advanced commercial industries.
    It depends on what you call American - Westinghouse - the main maker of US reactors has been owned by German Siemens, Swedish ABB, British BNFL and now Japanese Toshiba

    Wouldn't bet on it.
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    Right now China has the most aggressive NPP construction program.

    France and Japan probably have the most developed nuclear programs.
    Siemens didn't own Westinghouse. Siemens bought Exxon nuclear business back in 1987. Siemens subsequently merged their nuclear business with Framatome under AREVA. AREVA is now dominated by Framatome people, and Siemens is more or less out the picture.

    Westinghouse Electric Corportation bought CBS and assumed CBS's indentity. The CBS sold off the Westinghouse to BNFL who recently sold W to Toshiba and Shaw Group. Along the way, Westinghouse acquired ABB's nuclear business.
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    The Koreans just landed a big contract in the UAE.
    Understand they are using a Westinghouse design.
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    The Korean design is an evolutionary development of the CE system 80 design. CE sold technology transfer to the Koreans in the 1980s, and thru the 1990s (when CE had been bought by ABB). Westinghouse now owns the technology, having absorbed CE along with the rest of ABB's nuclear business in 2000. So, yes, it is based on a design owned by Westinghouse, but it came out of Windsor & Chattanooga, not Pittsburgh. Further, the Koreans have been actively working on this for decades themselves. I think calling it a 'Westinghouse design' does a disservice to alot of people.
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    The S. Koreans have done a lot of their own development work. They have perfected their own Korean Standard NPP (KSNP), which apparently has been rebranded as the Optimised Power Reactor.


    I understand they got it because they will transfer some technology to UAE and share in the operation of the plant. Apparently the US vendors didn't think about that.
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    How to classify this Korean design? Does N. Korea object to S. Korea nuclear program?

    I infer that Japan, France, China and Korea are least opposed to nukes

    what's planned for US and Australia and Canada?
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    erm, apparently you weren't involved
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    Not directly.
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    Doesn't Australia have a nuclear free zone policy which means no NPP?
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    Not so much that. Australia supplies a lot of uranium ore and zirconium to the global nuclear industry. Australia has huge deposits of natural gas and coal, and in fact generates 80% of electricity from coal. Australia is the 4th largest exporter of coal, IIRC. So there is not strong desire for NPPs.
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    yeah, that's what I meant, Australia and New Zealand mad a pact about nuclear free zone, so they won't be building NPP (at least in the near future) :rolleyes:
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    There has been a lot of talk about building more reactors in Canada the last couple of years. The Ontario government (which through Ontario Power Generation produces most of Ontario's power) was looking at 3 companies to make them Westinghouse, AREVA, and AECL (Canadian). AECL was the only company who submitted a bid meeting all the criteria (built for a fixed price mainly). The Ontario government decided it was too expensive for unproven technology and the uncertainty surrounding AECL's future. The bid was for AECL's new, never been built ARC (Advanced Candu Reactor), and the Canadian federal government started talking about selling AECL the same time this was all going on because of the medical isotope mess (see NRU and MAPLES). Another company Bruce Power, was also considering building more nuclear plants in Ontario, but due to the economy, and relatively cool summer, demand for electricity was way down and now the whole project has been put on hold.

    There is talk about another round of fixing the MAPLE reactors or building another isotope reactor (maybe in Manitoba). Alberta is also considering a nuclear plant for power and steam for the TAR sands but I don't know much about this. (I think public opinion stuff is being done to see if voters like it).

    Also, some CANDU reactors in Canada are currently being refurbished to extend their life. It looks like eventually more reactors will be built in Canada, we just don't know when.
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