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Which Study in Computer Science?

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    Im applying to U of T for computer science and these are some of the major within computer science programt. any advice? i know i want to be programming something so would it be software engineering? and what is exactly artifical intelligent ?

    open for some suggestions

    Artificial intelligent
    computer science
    computer science/economics
    foudation option
    human computer interaction
    information system
    mathematics/conmputer science
    physics/computer science
    software engineering
    statistics/computer engineering
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    Yes, if you want to be a software developer (make lots of programs), software engineering would be a good focus. Another good option is human computer interaction, but that's gonna be less technical and more important if you plan to focus on the User Interface aspects of coding. If you want to program things that other people use, it may be a good idea to do both focuses.

    AI is a glorified term for a whole bunch of math, but basically the idea around the field is to get a computer to think and solve problems autonomously (on it's own). Traditionally AI was into mimicking human thinking process, but the field has moved away from that into a lot of statistical algorithms.
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