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News Who took a shower in Saddams bedroom

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    As I'm writing this (7:00 GMT 4/07/03), A colonel in the US Army is taken a shower in Saddams palace in DOWNTOWN Baghdad. Amazing!

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    I hope that Saddam didn't booby-trap the place.
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    Hey you'd take one too if you were stuck out there all the time!:wink:

    I doubt he had time to booby trap all his palaces... The guy was stupid he made i think it was 13 palaces and tons of monuments to himself!
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    ^^Im intruiged what it is in your posts Alias that is so often outside guidelines :wink:.

    Concerning the shower in Saddam's palace...this can't be true, because US troops are committing suicide at the gates of Baghdad!
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    Was there any mention of singing?
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    Not even Stalin had the balls to represent himself with such an excessive amount of fanatic self-idolatry. It is revolting under any point of view.

    There were not 13 but 80 palaces in the whole of Iraq, an offensive waste, an offense to men, women and children in a country with the population decimated by war and hunger from the year after the genocidal SOB came to power. An absolute criminal waste.
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