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Who's who among american hs students

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    "Who's who among american hs students"

    hey.. recieved a letter in the mail today stating that I have been nominated for the "Who's who among american high school students" ( www.whoswho-highschool.com[/URL] ) .. A google search indicated that being nominated for this is not a big deal and is not something great which you could write in your college application.. Can anyone confirm this?

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    They probably want to sell you an expensive book with your name listed in it, right?
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    alright thanks!
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    yeah, trash it.
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    Just remembered, what about the 6000 usd scholarship they're talking about? is there really one coz I really need the money to pay towards my private school tuition..
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    They just wanna sell you a book

    Clearly a ripoff.
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    does it have those hs kids in it from georgia who are threatening to jump straight to the NBA?
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    clearly a ripoff, but my wife got it, and that is how she found out about the high school she went to (Community College High School) ...... which is where she got 2 years of her college work done by the time she finished high school ....
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