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Why are pitch and frequency similiar to loudness and intensity?

  1. Nov 8, 2006 #1
    Why are pitch and frequency similiar to loudness and intensity?

    I also have one more question! I have a test coming up on the properties of sound things likethe spped of sound etc? Does anyone have like an old test or something i can use to help study?
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    Are you sure you didn't get this slighly off? It makes more sense to ask "Why are pitch and loudness similar to frequency and intensity, respectively?"

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    speed of sound, p-wave = (rigidity/density)^.5

    I think that's right anyway, what context do you need it for, seismology? acoustics?
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    pitch and loudness are perceptual properties or quantities (how we think we hear such properties) whereas frequency and intensity are physical (how they are measured in terms of physical units). there is also an approximate logarithmic relationship between the perceptual and physical.
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