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Why do we need to exercise?

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    By exercise I mean both physical and mental
    So are we evolved in such a way that we need to give it some sort of workout to keep it healthy? Why is this?
    I don't understand why our mind and body need a workout to keep it healthy? Why won't just proper food work? Why exercise is necessary?
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    An example: Have you ever suffered some some lack of mobility due to physical injury? It is pretty important to re-hab that injury in order to regain normal function. Mental deficits are similar, though not the same. Use it or lose it.
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    The body is a dynamic system and tissue/cellular development depends on stimulation/utilization.

    One needs excercise to build strength and/or stamina (muscle development), otherwise the tissue will simply be replaced without futher development.

    Neural connections depend on stimulation. Brain development depends upon ever increasing complexity in stimulation and thinking.
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    So does every living being require exercise?
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    In someway or another,yes.
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    humans need exercise because our lifestyles in the west is too sedentary. In impoverish countries they dont call it exercise, they just call it work.
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    Right. It has nothing to do with evolution; our lifestyles have only become a lot more sedentary over the past 100 years or so, which is too short of a time for evolution to adjust our eating habits and metabolism (if it would be so inclined).
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    I would argue that it does have to do with evolution. Maintaining brain function and muscle tissue is expensive, it takes food energy and nutritional building blocks (protein, etc.). So we have evolved in such a way as to do away with things we don't need. This is why (I claim) muscles we don't use atrophy away. So you need to continue to use muscles, otherwise your body will say, "It seems this function isn't needed any more so I'll get rid of it."
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