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Mind cannot think without overeating

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    I was wondering how you fellow scholars of science deal with this problem that I've been having as far as I can remember. Every time I study, I HAVE to eat at small constant time intervals, tasty, usually high calorie foods, otherwise my mind will not function properly, that is I can't concentrate when learning. And before you say, try to substitute foods with healthier options, it's not an option, I'll still end up eating junk.

    My body usually needs 3000 calories a day to stay mind-sharp. At this cal. intake rate my body will get fat until 87 kg and then stop (i have 1.75 cm) no-matter if the intake of calories remain the same. Therefore it kinda sucks to be overweight in the name of science.

    I usually do train on average 1h, 5 days/week, high intensity, body weight exercises and cardio but that will only make/keep me about 3-4 kg thinner. If I want to push to less kilograms I either have to eat less constantly (= mind can't concentrate), or train harder (=body too weakened to concentrate for hours after due to fatigue, plus more sleep needed).

    If you say that I should have a period of thinning up, by postponing the study for a short wile, that will only shift me to a temporary state of thinness that would require 2000 cal/day (same training) to maintain. The body weight will yo-yo back as soon as I re-enter in the mind-sharp state with the 3000 calorie intake again.

    In conclusion, I'm either fat and knowledgeable or trimmed and superficial.

    Quite a predicament... any suggestions? :)
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    I'm sorry but we can't give medical advice here. You could have a metabolic disorder or other abnormality or it could simply be that you really like the taste of sugary foods and the craving you get when you don't have them makes it hard to concentrate. But no one here, including myself, knows anything for sure and you're about 99.9% guaranteed to get a few dozen different, conflicting posts about what to do and why this is happening.

    If you are worried about this, then you need to see your primary healthcare provider or another medical professional. Except for basic facts, online forums and even medical websites are extremely poor sources of nutritional information thanks to the extraordinarily complex relationship between food, mind, and body. There's a metric ton of misconceptions and misinformation out there, and your best bet is to simply avoid it completely.

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