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Why does DC current not generate EMR?

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    During current flow , electrons are certainly being accelerated and decelerated betweeen two successive collisions with the metal lattice. Since accelerated charge generates EM waves , why doesnt a DC current emit EMR?
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    heat is a form of magnetic radiation

    Pass DC voltage thru a wire and heat is the byproduct
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    The drift speed of electrons is incredibly slow compared to the random motions of the electrons. The drift speed is less than a millimeter per second, compared to hundreds of meters per second, for the so the drift speed will make no measurable contribution to the accelerations of the electrons.

    The accelerations of electrons will always cause electromagnetic radiation, and this depends only on the temperature and not on the the presence of current. Until the material becomes so hot it starts to glow, the radiation will be infrared radiation.

    Of course, the current can heat up the material, that will then radiate more infrared.
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    Heat is not a form of EM radiation. It is the random motion of particles in a material. EM radiation can be converted to heat upon being absorbed though.
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