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Why does light slow down in denser media?

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    Why does light slow down when entering a denser medium? And why does it bend when it slows down?
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    Since the interaction of light as a wave is governed by Maxwell's equations, they also predict that as light enters media different than vaccum, that has properties defined by such constant as a dielectric and magnetic permittivity and permeability respectively, [itex] \epsilon_r, \mu_r [/itex] altering the refractive index, [itex] n = \sqrt {\epsilon_r \mu_r} [/itex].
    As light negotiates the denser atomic structure in media other than vaccum, via interactions on the atomic scale, it alters its directions due to a change in its phase velocity. To conserve the laws of propogation, i.e Huygens' and Fermat's principles(of "least time"), the light beam deflects. This is true, by-the-by, for any sort of Electromagnetic radation, and stirctly speaking, for any wave, as all might undergo diffraction and thus alter their parameters.
    Hope that explains it simply enough,
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    FAQ: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=511177 [Broken]
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