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Why does the temperature goes up following rainfall (then gradually cools down)?

  1. Oct 1, 2009 #1
    From my observation I saw that the temperature goes up immediately after rainfall. Then it gradually cools down. I don't really know why it happens, but I think it happens because the ground releases heat (upward) in the form of moisture as water touches the ground. It is the heat trapped in the moisture that raises the temperature for some time, after which it cools down.
    Do you agree with me? Why do you think this happens? Why doesn't the ground release as much heat when it is not raining?
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    i'd assume it has a lot to do with humidity as you said, also keep in mind that when it is not raining your body is in thermal equilibrium with your surroundings, so as the temperature changes, you begin to feel the shift in equilibrium as heat or cold.
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    During heavy rainfall the temperature always goes down, because the water comes from above where it's colder. If the rain stops it will likely go up again. Of course rain often comes with cold or warm fronts that will change the temperature. If the ground is wet
    and relative humidity is smaller than 100% water will evaporate and this will make it colder.

    I don't think the rain will help the ground release heat in any way. If the ground is still warmer than the air after the rain, it can help the air to warm up again to some extent.
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