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I Why doesn't a charge repel a magnetic field in this example?

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    The example:
    An electron is trapped in a magnetic field. The electron travels along a circle in a clockwise path. It's my understanding that there is a magnetic field around the electron also circulating in a clockwise direction perpendicular to it's path. Now if this electron was in a conductor, the conductor would have a magnetic field opposing the original magnetic field. So, why doesn't the electron?

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    Does not the electron perform a spiral as a result of what you are saying?
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    It will spiral if it has a parallel component to it's velocity.
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    For the case of the loop of wire, the magnetic field inside the loop points in the opposite direction to that outside it. So overall, I don't think it has a force on it.
    The single electron does seem to have a resultant force causing it to spiral, because it is acting like a loop edge-on to the magnetic field.
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    On my second point, I don't think I am correct here. The electron has opposite fields above and below it, so presumably these cancel.
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    Normally, you neglect the effect of a particle's field on itself. If you had more than one electron, then you would have to consider the effect of the electrons' fields on each other.
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    I think the electron did work against its own field when it was accelerated to its present velocity and this energy is now mostly stored in its magnetic field.
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    I see now that the magnetic field of the electron is reinforced on 1 side, according to the left hand rule. This makes since for the electron to curve away from that side without experiencing a net repulsion.
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