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Why doesn't a spinning coin flip over?

  1. Aug 30, 2013 #1
    As titled:

    I would be satisfied with a qualitative explanation(pure physical), but it would be nice if someone can also provide the mathematical model.

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    Are you asking why it doesn't stop spinning and flop over onto one of its sides? Just not sure what you mean by "flip over".
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    Remember conservation of angular momentum.

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    oh sorry I should be more clear.

    I meant why doesn't it fall down on the ground(flat) as a stationary coin would.
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    It follows from Euler's equations. If there is an Omega_z (z is the axis of the coin), and I_z is larger than I_x and I_y, Omega_x and Omega_y follow SHO, and oscillate without flipping over.
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