What is Coin flip: Definition and 21 Discussions

Coin flipping, coin tossing, or head or tail is the practice of throwing a coin in the air and checking which side is showing when it lands, in order to choose between two alternatives, heads or tails, sometimes used to resolve a dispute between two parties. It is a form of sortition which inherently has two possible outcomes. The party who calls the side that the coin lands on wins.

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  1. Fobi

    I Probability of 10 consecutive tails with 30 coin flips

    Hi, i was doing a programming exercise that asked me to simulate te flip of coins until it finds 10 consecutive tails. The program usually needs to flips like 6000/8000 coins before finding 10 tails consecutively, but suddenly i found 10 tails with only 30 coin flips, i think that what happened...
  2. A

    The expected value for 7 heads in a row

    Homework Statement We have a coin with probability ##0\leqslant p \leqslant 1## of getting heads. We flip the coin until we get ##7## heads in a row. Let ##N_7## be the number of necessary flips to get the ##7## heads in a row. What is the expected value ##E(N_7)##? Homework Equations The...
  3. tworitdash

    Autocorrelation of a Bernoulli Coin Flipping Experiment

    I am confused at one point. The coin flipping Bernoulli Process has a probability of p of getting HEADS and a probability of 1-p of getting TAILS. Let's define a random variable x[n], which takes the value +1 when it is a HEADS, and -1 when it is a TAILS. The mean or estimation of x[n] becomes...
  4. D

    Expected Value: Coin flip not same as previous flip

    Homework Statement Given a sequence of Heads and Tails, let’s say that the sequence has a switch each time one toss is different than the toss before it. For instance, the sequence HHTHTTTHTH has 6 switches. Suppose you toss a fair coin N times and record the resulting sequence of Heads and...
  5. B

    Coin flip deal (stats/probability)

    Homework Statement Coin flip problem. I'm given the probability distribution of how many times a coin is heads out of 5 flips. From this, I need to determine if the following deal is worth it and, if not, how much it costs using variance: After flipping the coin 20 times I need to pay my...
  6. Tungamirai

    What happens if you flip an infinite heads and tails coin?

    What happens if you flip a coin with infinite heads and infinite tails? I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question, or if my question even makes sense! just thought about it after reading about the simulation argument
  7. T

    Coin Flip Variation: Equal Outcome Probability?

    Hello. A friend sent me the following problem that she wants to include in an essay: There are two epistemic peers whose mental faculties are of equal standing and who have access to all the same relevant evidence. The two go to dinner Case 1: One week later, the first man, A, states...
  8. H

    Why doesn't a spinning coin flip over?

    As titled: I would be satisfied with a qualitative explanation(pure physical), but it would be nice if someone can also provide the mathematical model. thanks
  9. L

    Coin Flip Probability: Non-Random Switching & Skewed Distribution

    Hi I have a question on probability which I am not sure of. If you have a coin and flip it 20 times then of course the probability of getting H or T is 0.5. And even in 20 flips you should roughly get a 50% distribution, correct? Now what if to each side of the coin you affix a number, #1...
  10. B

    What is the Probability of a Combination of Heads and Tails in Coin Flipping?

    Homework Statement Say we do 4 coin flips. If the order matters, of which coins come up, total number of possibilities are 2*2*2*2=24 (i imagine this like getting 16 different binary numbers) Did I got this right? Now If we want to find the probability to get a combination with 2 heads...
  11. D

    Geometric Distribution Coin Flip

    Consider the following experiment: a coin that lands heads with probability p is flipped once; if on this first flip it came up H, it is then repeatedly flipped until a T occurs; else, if on the first...
  12. Z

    Coin flip and dice roll question (check my answers?)

    Homework Statement Hi, I just wanted to check my answers for this question: Q: Suppose that we flip a coin six times and roll a 6-sided die once. Suppose also that all outcomes of this experiment (consisting of an ordered sequence of results for the flips (heads or tails) and the number...
  13. D

    Coin Flip Probability: Biased Coin with 0.6 Probability Flipped 2/10 Times

    A biased coin that lands heads with probability 0.6 is flipped 2 times. a. What is the probability of getting an even number of heads? b. Given that more heads than tails appear, what is the probability that all of the flips are H? c. same as (a) except now the coin is flipped 10 times...
  14. D

    Can someone please answer this probability question based on coin flip?

    Paul is playing a game with his friend Peter where Paul tosses a coin and if it comes up heads Paul gives Peter a dollar and if it comes up tails Peter gives Paul a dollar. Paul plays the game ten times. a. What is the expected total earnings for Paul? b. What is the variance of Paul's...
  15. P

    Coin flip Probability

    Question 1: A coin is flipped 4 times. Find the probability that it lands heads twice. Question 2: Four coins are flipped simultaneously. Find the probability that exactly two of the land on heads For the first one I made an H and T chart and got 6/16. The second one I am thinking...
  16. E

    Probability - coin flip problem

    Homework Statement you flip a fair coin (one which has equal odds of bieng HEADS or TAILS. q = odds of getting TAILS=0.5 , p = odds of getting HEADS=0.5 A1 is the event on which the first two flips are HEADS. A2 is the event on which the first two flips are HEADS and TAILS in that order...
  17. R

    What is the fair price to play an equitable coin flip game?

    This seems to be a fairly simple probability question but it's stumping me for some reason. "You flip a fair coin until you get a head and win x dollars, where x is the number of flips it takes to get a head. (e.g. H = win $1; TH = win $2; TTH = win $3, and so on.) How much should you pay to...
  18. P

    Repeated coin flip probability.

    Homework Statement You have two players, player A and player B. Player A begins by flipping a coin, his coin lands on heads with a probability P1. If the coin lands on tails then player B begins flipping his coin, which lands on heads with a probability P2. What are the chances that A wins...
  19. J

    What is the paradox of guessing coin flips with probability 2/3?

    A warm up problem 1 Somebody flips two coins on table, and then hides them with some two pieces of clothing. You observe, when one of the coins is revealed, and it is heads or tails. You are then asked to guess what's the side of the unrevealed coin. Which ever answer you give, you are right...
  20. P

    Coin Flip Paradox: Is it Finite or Infinite?

    The thread about Zeno reminded me of a paradox that I was never able to understand. Let's say you play a game, where you repeatedly flip a coin, and the first time the coin lands tails, you stop flipping. Then you get 2^n coins, where n is the number of heads flips. How much money is the...
  21. V

    Coin flip probabilities and relevance

    Concerning coin flip probabilities... In my graduate undergrad & grad stat classes I learned the probability of getting heads or tails is 50/50. But I have something to toss out into the ring for comment... According to my limited research, the 50/50 probability appears to be a mean...