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Why is an australian engineering program so underrated.

  1. Nov 3, 2007 #1
    why are australian engineering program so underrated.

    I just did a year in an Australian university for a study abroad program and found it much harder than what I was exposed to in Purdue. Some things I noted was the following:

    - no freshman engineering a lot of the second year ECE courses are taught from first year (EE201 and EE202 taught as a first semester course)
    - their math courses are combined with linear algebra, complex analysis and DEQ for the first year of mathematics
    - With less deadlines they concentrate on solving a variety of problems in their own time
    - the final is worth 75-80% of their final grade, a very traditional method which I'm not very fond of - but cramming becomes obsolete as its impossible to cram 14 weeks of material into a couple of days before the final
    - 3 hr labs ?!?

    heres a sample look at their program:

    My question is - why are Australian engineering programs so underrated? To be brutally honest I chose the college based on its location - near the city and 20 minutes to a beach, and that it was rated the top engineering college in the Country. Why isn't it ranked higher when compared to other colleges?
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    Wow, excellent choice of courses available. I wish I had some of those courses available to me.
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