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News Why is the UN in Ivory Coast anyway?

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    It is my understanding that UN policy is not to interfere with internal conflict, like a civil war. If this is true then why are they in Ivory Coast, if not what is the correct policy?
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    They are there by INVITATION of both parties:

    http://www.un.org/Depts/dpko/missions/unoci/ [Broken]

    This is a thing going on since many years now. It seems that it only just got in the media since this incident with the French soldiers.
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    UN is there to protect our chocolate supply. :approve: :tongue2:
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    Actually it's been in the news on and off for years. Every time there is a flair up in hostilities it's in the news. It's just not as memorable as anything involving the US.

    Why are they there? Because they are French speaking and there are white westerners to protect.
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    Thank you kat, as always your posts are unbiased, factual and very enlightening
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