Why Jesus did not marry ?

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For all we know he may have never even married and it was just made up to make him more powerful.In summary, while it is clear that Jesus did marry, it is not as clear as to why this was important. It could have been to prove his divinity, or to make sure he could do the miraculous.
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As you can compare between Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus, only Jesus did not marry.
Buddha had many concubines when he was a prince, and mohammed had 4 wives. Both of them had SEX with women, coitus!

And, only Jesus is chaste,
possibly because he is real God who incarnated as man.
SEX is created for man-woman , not God-woman.
It supports the theory that Jesus is GOD !
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you do it first and i will follow!
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what's this?

i learned that he loved mary...
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There's the historical jesus and jesus of the bible. They are not necessarily identical. The historical jesus might well have been married.
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What's equally interesting is that Mary was a virgin before she conceived Jesus. She then went on to have other "normal" children by Joseph. Was this God's way of sanctifying the sex act? Otherwise, who would have dared having sexual relations with the "mother of God?"

While quite often sex is considered vile and sinful to many Christians -- which, it can be if practiced outside of a loving relationship -- and yet this would seem to suggest otherwise.
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anyone ever read holy blood, holy grail? according to this book, jesus did marry and went to france...the children he reproduced with his wife went on to become the great rulers of europe...not sure i by it, but is a nice little story:smile:
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maybe he never married because,since he did miracles like raising the dead,healing blind poeple.the women of his time,were scared of him,or did'nt think they were worthy enough to be with him.or they though they were'nt good enough for him,and had low self estem.and none of them ever bothered to approach him.so he never got close enough to a woman to ever get married.basically what I am saying is,he scared them all off!
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I'm told the Bible does have evidence supporting that Jesus was married. It was something like he was called "rabbi" which is a title jewish people can have only if they are married. Since Jews are very strict about tradition it would be suprising if they called him this if he was not married. I don't have any refferences for this though, just word of mouth.
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some people also said Jesus did go to India to learn Yoga,
there is a missing account about Jesus between the age 12~30 , he was said to travel to India to find Truth.
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haven't any of you read The Da Vinci Code? Duh.
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another mary

there are many things that the bible didn't tell us and many things that it did or it was edited in such a way. as you know, it was translated and so there will be diffrence.
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I bet he did.

Remember the Catholic church, unlike other churches, was an orgainised religion. they had the power to rewrite the bible any way they wanted to.

the four gospols were all written by people who never met jesus, and two of them had never been to the middle east in their lives!

The "gospols" written by people who knew jesus were all branded hertecial and destroyed. The Ayerians, I think, believed in the teachings of jesus but not in his divinity and were eradicated by the roman church. There were a LOT of christain sects before the fall of the roman empire. they all had different versions of the gospols.

So don't take the modern bible at face value.
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there where no hippy looking women back then
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never heard jesus got children.
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bet he was married

i read the book. they covered up man things from us and maybe, jesus could just be a story.
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"There's the historical jesus and jesus of the bible. They are not necessarily identical. The historical jesus might well have been married." N_Quire

That's a nice answer, but the following question is whether we can trust the bible or not. Then, how can we know the real life of historical jesus ? The only source perhaps is the bible itself. If Jesus never married, it would not become the single reason of existence's Jesus on GOD. Jesus is not GOD. We pray to GOD as HIMSELF, not to Jesus that is believed as the incarnated of GOD. Jesus didn't marry because Jesus had a path of life like that, the unmarried prophet.

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Saint, if you are interested in another view,

read this: from 'The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ'- here ->


article #5. REBECCA, THE DAUGHTER OF EZRA. Which gives details of what Jesus thought and felt. The claim of veracity comes from it having been said to be recorded by spirit beings in God's service
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if JC was not married why did they care if the wedding party ran out of wine?
[the first trick he is credited with]
I think that was his wedding to mary mag's and that's the BIG WHY the water into wine trick was a BIG DEAL both to him and his mom!

churchies have respun the bible to fit the church's needs, saul/paul was only the first not the last respinner
so who said he was never married??
who watched every minute of his life to make sure he knew no woman?
thats only churchie BS or wishfull thinking, NOT A FACT!

btw the title rabbi is only used to a married man, and JC WAS CALLED THAT
by his own people, who knew him best!

and a man in france today claims to be his desendant thru mary mag's
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Why Jesus did not marry ?
Why should he have troubled himself when he could have 'shook' Jeruselum and the 'babes' would have fallen on top of him...
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Originally posted by N_Quire
There's the historical jesus and jesus of the bible. They are not necessarily identical. The historical jesus might well have been married.

In order to influence as many people as he could (in a revolution against the tyrany of the Romans) Jesus is reported to have married and had three children... like a good Rabi.

He found his match in Mary Magdelene who was as respected as Jesus was concerning their phylosophies and their strategies in dealing with the Romans.

In what manner can we separate the "Historical Jesus" and the "Biblical Jesus"?

That's like separating the ficticious Zorba the Greek from Anthony Quinn... these are the same person... just different expressions of the same man.

The biblical Jesus appears to simply be the fictitious, controling vehicle for many many ruling parties in Churches and in States through out the last 2000 years.
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jesus did not marry

he did not marry because he was the messiah but he did fal in love with mary as far as i know. i might be wrong though but only he knows it himself.

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