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Why not anticlockwise?

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    My question is that why does venus not rotate counterclockwise while most other planets do?
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    James R

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    It was probably hit by something rather large during the early stages of the formation of the solar system.
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    This is likely to be wrong but could it be something to do with its very slow rotation??

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    Just use Google and type in the words "venus" and "rotation" - you will see that the dominant hypothesis involves tidal interaction with the Sun.
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    Another possible explanation, though highly controversial, was put forward by Velikovsky, and is that Venus didn't originate like the rest of planets from the solar nebula 4'5 billion years ago, but was ejected by Jupiter as a comet, becoming later the planet that we see in the mornings and the evenings. But I wouldn't put very much money in Velikovsky theory
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    Even mentioning Velikovsky in a forum that takes science seriously will get rotten food thrown at you (unless you spit when you say it).

    You are extremely generous in your description. Velikovsky is "controversial" in the same way Moon Hoaxers are.
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