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Why retraction?

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    According to New Journal of Physics (http://iopscience.iop.org/1367-2630/page/Forthcoming%20articles) :
    Retraction: Evidence for subwavelength imaging with positive refraction (2011 <em>New J. Phys</em>. 13 033016) Yun Gui Ma, Sahar Sahebdivan, C K Ong, Tomáˇs Tyc and Ulf Leonhardt
    Retraction: Subwavelength imaging with materials of in-principle arbitrarily low index contrast (2012 <em>New J. Phys.</em> 14 025001) Y G Ma, S Sahebdivan, C K Ong, T Tyc and U Leonhardt

    But why?
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    The corresponding author, Prof. Ulf Leonhardt, is known for the optics of invisibility objects:
    Ulf Leonhardt, Optical Conformal Mapping,Science, Volume 312, Issue 5781, pp. 1777-1780 (2006).
    Cited by more than 1400 references, http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2006Sci...312.1777L
    Prof. Ulf Leonhardt first suggested the wave-particle duality of light momentum: Uif Leonhardt, "Momentum in an uncertain light," Nature 444 (7121): 823-824(2006).
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    Not sure. Do journals usually state the reason they retract articles?
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    Seems this is the first time of retraction for New Journal of Physics, and Prof. Ulf Leonhardt once was Associate Editor of this journal.
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