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Why the universe appears to have one time and three space dimensions

  1. Feb 11, 2012 #1
    The universe appears to have three space dimensions because of our size. The smaller an object is the less dimensions it has. If we where 4th dimensional beings we would probably be millions of miles in height looking into the known solar system with a microscope as if it was a marble.
    Time is the same everywhere in the universe it just seems different because it is controlled by gravity. Depending upon how far away you are from the sun. The closer you are the faster you move. The further away you are the slower. Time dosent actually exsist. Only the ability to move within space exsists, controlled by gravity.
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    What makes you think this?

    If time did not exist, then there could be no movement, since movement is defined as displacement over time.

    You would do well to read up on these subjects before espousing your own ideas. There's lots to learn that will help you make sense of these ideas without following faulty premises to faulty conclusions.
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    fullerenes have 0 dimensions. nanotubes 1 dimension graphene 2 dimensions. graphite 3 dimensions. Each becoming bigger the more dimensions that are added
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    No. Their properties display symmetries consistent with those reduced dimensions.

    DaveC is correct, there are many fallacies in what you've written regarding time and space.
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    lets pretend for a minute gravity dosent exsist and the only thing in all exsistence is a ball. If time exsists can that ball sit there for 5 minutes by itself. It cant because it needs gravity to hold it together.
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    This is not true.

    This is not true.

    If the ball is a molecule, then it will hold together by inter-atomic forces. Gravity only really comes into play when enough mass collects together.

    What books are you reading? They're steering you wrong.
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