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Calculators Why wont my Graphing Calculator link with my computer?

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    Why wont my Graphing Calculator link with my computer??

    ok here is the breakdown... im running windows XP on my computer i installed the program last nite (with some help from you guys) and was really excited to start working with it but for some reason the graphing calculator(TI-83+) wont link with my computer for Graph Link or Connect so here i am, humbly, asking for more help
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    So the software isn't detecting your calculator? (I presume you have the TI Connectivity Kit (silver USB cable and TI Connect CD-ROM)).
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    Did you get windows to install the new hardware?Evertime you put new hardware into your PC you have to install to windows
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    no i have the black cable, no i didnt have windows instal the new hardware how would i do that?
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    ok, I checked and the black serial cable works with the 83 Plus. You can't use TI Connect since you have the black cable. You may use TI-GRAPH LINK only. Since the cable isn't USB, Windows won't automatically detect the calculator or install its drivers automatically from the CD, so you'll need to do it manually. You need to uninstall all previous TI software completely and start a fresh install of the TI-GRAPH LINK software. Disregard the CD the cable came with-- download the newest version of the software http://education.ti.com/educationportal/appsdelivery/download/download_select_product.jsp?cid=us&displaymode=F&contentpaneid=7 [Broken] and install it. Let me know if you have any problems.
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    yeah im still having problems with this thing i did what u told me, uninstalled everything, reinstalled the program off that site and tried again but i still got nothing, when i try to send flash software it does influence to calculator it will pause the blinking cursor for 2 seconds and then wont show any other signs.
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    alright i guess thats my best bet, thanks a lot for all the help component
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