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Why ?

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    i know that the molecules in the "freedom" form that have charges equal 0. but i wonder why the molecules still moving to create the diffusion and the effusion?
    some one please explain to me. thanks:!!)
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    It is unclear exactly what you're asking.
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    Diffusion and effusion are not results of any particular interaction between the molecules (except collisions). It is a statistical effect resulting from having a gazillion particles. It works just as well with billiard balls.
    I hope it clarifies your question somewhat.
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    Why wouldn't they move? I think you are saying that because they do not have a net charge the molecues would have no force on them. That's not true- there are other forces. But even if a molecule has no force on it, that doesn't mean it is motionless. It would still move (at constant speed in a straight line) until there was a force (such as hitting another molecule).
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