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Wiegner Eckart theorem, I don't understand it!

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    In derivation of quadrupole effect (which influences NMR spectrum for nuclei with spin ≥ 1/2), there is one step I do not understand, it is Eckart Wiegner theorem, more specific:

    just relavant equations:


    So here is the W-E:


    and we expres constant C witm matrix element for m=m'=I, and α=β=z:


    how can we express Qαβ with spin operator?
    can someone comment on every step what is being done? I would like to understand this intuitively if possible...Great thanks!
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    Jamalll, What the Wigner-Eckart Theorem says is that the matrix elements of all quadrupole operators have the same m dependence.

    Not saying that Q has any simple relationship to I, it's just that 3/2(IαIβ + IβIα) - δαβ is the easiest quadrupole operator to construct and evaluate, and so we use it on the right-hand side to give us something to compare the matrix elements of Q with.
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    hey, thanks for reply....

    But I still can not make any sense out of it.... I know I repeat myself, but
    how do you "convert" coordinates in spin operator? What is the significance of "m" and" m' "?

    I know it is the state of nucleus with spin "I" and spin projection "m", right?
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    Well I am sorry but there is not a single mind which can desolve this?

    Baby I am only human!!!

    please......pretty plase
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