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News Wild weather wreaks havoc in Wellington

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    Most hit last night. Where I am, Petone (15 min drive from Wellington) shop signs from roofs were down, a window smashed. Neighbourhoods have trees down.

    Schools closed. My Internet and TV is down (using mobile broadband atm).

    For example- my half brothers high school closed http://www.hvhs.school.nz/friday-21st-june-the-school-is-open-today-and-we-do-have-power/ [Broken]
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    Be careful.
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    Beach not looking too sharp.

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    And some more....

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    Simon Bridge

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    It was everywhere - the weather system went from south to north (in NZ, the south wind is the cold one) and the southern islands got the worst of it... pity Christchurch: Earthquake, freeze, drought, floods, snow ... and this is NZs center of Christianity?!

    By the time it hit Auckland last night, it was slushy hail and heavy rain.
    It gets colder in places like, say, London, but, when you live their you are ready for it so it doesn't hurt so much.
    The main streets were rivers last night - I had to be out in it: should have packed a canoe!

    But then - that would make it tricky talking to women ... "Yes I am pleased to see you... it's just... I also have a canoe in my pocket..."
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    That's sad, I hope no one got hurt. :(
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