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Will objective-c (for OS X and IOS apps) be hard to learn?

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    A friend i know is taking a course on IOS/OS X programming with objective-c, and i thought i might want to learn it too. I already know the very basics of programming, a bit of python and javascript, so i know what things like lists, strings, integers,booleans, floats, loops, functions and objects are. will it be hard for me to learn objective-c? or should i learn C or C++ first?
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    Ask your friend if he thinks C or C++ is a prerequisite to the objective C class. Also check the course prerequisites (but don't trust that completely). There is no doubt that C and C++ are much more main-stream. You might want to start in that direction sometime soon.
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    I think you have enough background for learning Objective C in general, provided you find suitable learning materials. The course that your friend is taking may assume more programming background, simply to speed things up a bit and ensure that all the students are at a similar level.

    In learning how to write iOS or MacOS apps, most of your effort will be focused on the frameworks (pre-defined classes and functions, etc.) that Apple provides for those platforms, after you have mastered the basics of the Objective-C language.
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