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Wind forces, sraightline v cyclonic

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    Hello, I have question about wind forces on a human body. (Wind force may be an incorrect phrase.)
    I have looked at a few other threads but haven't found an answer yet.

    Thisnisnfor a fictional short story I'm writing for fun.
    Info -
    A character in armored suit is hanging upside down from a pipe on the roof of a building in a bad storm. Severe strightline winds. Has armored suit as there are many rocks the size of small apples hitting her.

    What I have written is that she is barely holding on but shenwill be in trouble if the storm turns into a cyclone, with the and pulling her from every direction at once.

    - Would cyclonic winds naturally be stronger than straight line winds?
    - Would her feet have more forcenupon them than her arms or body?
    If there are any other flaws in my thinking please let me know.

    I am a new member but I plan to stay here, not just ask a question and leave. I wish I would have found this site sooner! Awesome site and resource.

    Thank you in advance if you're able to respond.
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    I don't think that you need to assert that the winds would be stronger. Just the changing directions will make an already precarious hold fail.
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    Thank you, DaleSpam. Much appreciated. ☺
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