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Wind Turbine/Weather station interface

  1. Apr 3, 2007 #1
    Hello, I have a small 300W wind turbine (Aero4gen). I also have a weather station which datalog's the wind speed/direction, ect... at intervals of 5 mins also there is a solar radiation sensor (photodiode) (0 to 3 volts). Anyway, i will not be needing the solar radiation datalogging facility and would like to piggyback my voltage readings from the generator into the datalogger using this available port so i can use this info in a microcontroller. So my problem is how can i design a circuit that will track the voltage (generator output 0 to 45volts also depending on loads) and give me a scaled down linear (0 to 3 volts) output?
    I know i could use a resistance voltage divider circuit, however i was wondering if there was a way to detect varying voltages and scale them in a stand alone system.
    Any help will be appriated on this, cheers
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    The simplest way would be to just use a resistance voltage divider. But using an opamp would give you an easier way to scale it with a variable resistor.
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    if it's an AC voltage, don't forget step-down transformers
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    it's a DC voltage from a rectifier
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