Winding resistance of large motor vs small motor

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    Hi guys, I ran a large DC motor and a small DC motor for 5 minutes at max voltage/max speed. Took the readings for before running it and after running it and somehow the smaller motor after five minutes of running at max volt/max speed has more than twice the winding resistance where as the larger motor's winding resistance stays almost the same ? The smaller motor had more winding resistance to start with anyway, why is that ? (The max volt for both motors is 15volts but one is a high and the other is a low power motor)

    I dont understand why something like this would happen I ran them in the same room and probably the same room temperature.
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    Measure the temperature of the motor before and after.
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    Well I dont have access to the motors anymore, it was in a lab session I do remember touching them and felt the same temperature but not sure.
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