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Windows clock cannot sync

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    Hey everyone ,earlier this day, when i boot my pc i saw that the clock was losing time...i tried multiply times to fix it but again when i reboot the system the problem was still here. i opened bios and i saw that even there the clock wasn't synced. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VI_HERO/ this is the motherboard i have the pc is self-built but i have it a year only...is it possible that the battery is dead? please help me i find it so confusing having a problem on a device :@
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    anyone please?
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    Generally, the real time clock is driven by the same battery which provides power to the non-volatile RAM which stores your BIOS settings while your PC is turned off. If you remove this battery or it goes bad for some reason, you'll lose these BIOS settings. Generally, these batteries have such a low current drain that they can last for years, or at least until your PC becomes obsolete and it's time to be replaced. :wink:

    You haven't said how much time your losing with your clock, but unless you are doing some time-critical work with your PC, like launching a satellite, I wouldn't worry about it. Over time, the battery will get weaker and the time difference will increase.
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    i fixed it, i just changed the battery probably faulty
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    It seems that you applied Occam's razor to the problem and it worked.
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    really interesting i just googled it...never knew what was this occam's razor you refered :)
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    try changing your CMOS battery in cpu.
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    thanks, i did this and it worked!
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