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Windows XP remote desktop connection

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    I am trying to set up remote desktop. I have only one account with user name
    "FirstName LastName" with no password.

    I followed all instructions, and have "username" for accessing my computer. But, it doesn't work!

    I have used 3rd party software (I forgot it's name but it's pretty popular, free, and good) in the past, but now I want to use XP one.
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    You can't log in to a RDP with no passwd, if the destination machine doesn't have a passwd RDP wil be disabled. You can do VNC (the free one) without a passwd.
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    I have set it up and it works pretty well. Unless your computer is directly connected to the internet, even once you set it up and it works fine, you still will be unable to log onto it remotely outside your network.

    What I did is set up a VPN on my home computer. You have to set up your router to forward the ports and give your home computer a static IP (alternatively, some better routers or cheaper routers with third party firmware can do the same thing). I also used a virtual domain service to allow my router to have a constant URL.

    Then I just connect via the VPN from anywhere, and log onto my home computer with Remote Desktop Connection.
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