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News Winter Soldier II

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    Last week saw testimony from Iraq Vets Against the War, detailing personal experiences in Iraq, and focusing on abuses by military units. Take from these what you will.

    Jon Turner on anger, intimidation and "drop weapons" - 1, 2.

    Jason Hurd: shooting at cars - link

    Adam Kokesh, on Rules of Engagement and civilian harrassment - link

    More videos at Democracy Now!

    There are a number of issues that can be debated in this context, from the effects of large numbers of embedded and non-embedded journalists on the military, to the effects of military aggression on the "hearts and minds" of the locals. Please keep any discussion directly pertinent to testimony relating to military abuse and leave broader question of strategy to the other Iraq thread.
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    Any time you have combat operations, there is going to be abuse. It is the nature of the thing. You can't put a bunch of scared heavy armed young men in a town and expect that they will always act like boy scouts. Your buddies get killed that makes you emotional and even more scared.

    If you don't like this kind of behavior vote for someone who won't start wars.
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