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Wireless phone stores

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    Mother of god, these places are like viruses! They move into every single open storefront, closed down restaurant, everything! It's like a virus! There are 3 on the same street here and one's in an old carpet store, one's in an old restaurant, another one's in an old radio shack. They're renovating some lab at my university so i'm wondering if cingular is setting up shop inside.
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    Remember those pager booths on wheels in the malls?
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    I don't know about out there but around here Radio Shacks are more or less cell phone shops.
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    Pengwuino, is it your mission to start a pointless thread every day?
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    Do you own a cell phone? Congratulations. You're a host for the virus.
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    :rofl: (BTW, I love your new avatar! Though, it gives me the feeling you're sneaking up on me. :biggrin:)
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    why do i see couple of ants going up the wall in his avtar:rolleyes:
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    Cool. That's what I was hoping for. That's how I feel on some threads...sneak in, leave a post and sneak out. I needed to change my avatar for a while. Glad I am not the only one that Loves Calvin and Hobbes.
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    speaking of cell phones... mines about dead now... the top of the antenna finally fell off after hanging on by just a thread for a week or so, i superglued it back together, but it still fell apart. then last night i called whozum and he couldn't hear me at all. our conversation went something like:

    "Hello? abby? are you there? hello??"
    "c'mon this isn't funny, are you there? i cant hear you abby. what are you doing?
    <"AUGH! I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!!! STUPID &^&*#(*&# PHONE!!! !&%$!@!**!!! HEAR ME DAMMIT!">
    "is your phone broken or something? are you there? abby! whyeee..."
    <*Smashes phone against nearest hard surface*>
    "hey, what? did you say something? i just heard something."
    <*Throws phone across hall*>
    "abby? sweetie, whats going on?"
    <*presses random buttons in frustration and rage*>
    "Beep beep beep?"
    <*realizes he can hear the buttons being pressed... tries playing jingle bells... fails...*>
    "yeah, i dunno what that means..."
    "...i love you more"
    "aww, you just said nuh uh"
    "god you're cute.
    "i love you too. press once if you're smiling"
    "how big?"
    "hahaha, ok stop. i wish i could hear you."
    "you wish too?"
    "you wanna get to bed now?"
    "no? why not."
    "aww, i love you too"

    we did that for like, way longer than you'd probably think possible. i've got to get a new phone real badly. mine's going on 3 years old. well, mines dead now... but yeah... sigh.
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    I feel for you. I found out that our cell phone has a dead spot right in our house. I can't use the thing from my own home if I needed to. Irony can be pretty ironic.
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