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WMD, Bioterrorism

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    I want to know more about Bioterrorism.
    Actually i want to know about the countries and the weapons they possess.

    Do you know any links to US and russian Intelligence agencies.
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    Why, are you buying?
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    God !!! :eek:
    Iam just a student
    I gotta give a seminar in that Topic.
    I donno wer 2 get that stuff...
    thats y..
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    No, cause if you're buying I can give you some tips...
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    Haha, don't panic karthik..but...who knows...BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! :cool:
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    If only we knew.. in a few instances we do know who legally has material that can be turned into a bioweapon, small pox for instance.
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