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Working around with Electric Circuitry.

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    Though I understand the basic combinations of resistors, emf and capacitors, both in parallel and series, complex circuitry questions always baffles me. I would like to know what are the key points? I mean important points to be kept in mind. What are the common mistakes? What are certain tricks (for instance in case of simplifying a circuit)( I came to know about star-delta and delta-star conversions, but never learnt them in my coursebook, any other methods like that?) . And by the way, I am talking about Undergraduate electricity (circuits including, Capacitors,Resistors and Cells)

    Two specific points I am confused with:
    1. Can we take Kirchhoff's Loop Rule in a loop where there is not cell connected. For instance if we have a closed loop consisting of four resistors, which is a part of a complex circuit, can we apply Kirchhoff Rule in that loop?

    2. How to deal with circuits with multiple cells (the direction of the current gets tricky especially when the polarity of the cells are played with.)

    Am sorry if the question is too generalized. (Link to any helpful online tips can really help!)
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