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Homework Help: Working out The law of the machine

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    I have worked out all relevant information (i hope) but im unsure of how to work out the law of the machine from it. We've done a test and recorded our results of a Pully.
    We had to measure different loads and see what effort was required for each load. What is the formula for working out the law of the machine?
    I have worked out Mechanical Advantage (MA), Velocity Ratio (VR) and the efficiency (η).

    Any help be great
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    Welcome to the PF.

    There is a Relevant Equation for the Law of the Machine (for machines that have mechanical advantage, like a pulley system). What is that equation? What are the terms defined as in that equation? How do the terms relate to the mechanical advantage? What is the extra term at the end of the equation? What does it represent? How can your experimental data be used to find this last term....?
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