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Wormhole problem

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    Hello every one, some days ago, i was talking with some friends and we found a weird trouble that we cant explain so i wanted to ask it cause the curiosity its killing me... well the trouble its this:

    Suppose you are standing in the surface of a planet with out atmosphere and you open a wormhole with entrance and exit one above the other like this


    then you throw an object in 90 degrees so it will fall for ever like this


    the question its, it will fall accelerating indefinitely? and if so, from were its getting so much energy? or in the other case which would be the limit of acceleration?
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    by the way, i know the energy will came from the gravitational potential energy, but since the energy can not be created from where comes that energy? cause its like an a infinite falling, so its an a infinite source of energy that can accelerate to relativistic velocities adding eternally more energy each time, then it would create some source of a perpetual motion machine if you extract the energy to feed the wormhole, and that's the thing since the perpetual motion machine its impossible, where its the limit?
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