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Would amateur be able to take the flash out of a disposable camera and

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    ...set it up in some kind of circuit in which I can press a button/ hit a switch and have the flash go off?

    I need to create and electric device of some sort, and seeing as I have a bare minimum supplies, I thought this may be plausable. I also need to draw circuit diagram to this.

    I am in basic physics, having just learned about electric potential, and fields and now moving onto electric currents, for which this assignment is catagorized under.

    So my question, does this seem realistic, for having absolutely no experience in creating electronical devices? Are there any online resources where I could seak help in doing so? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time :)
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    I did it. Made a flash "bomb".

    Be warned: The capacitor carries very high voltage - enough to give you a deuce of a shock and leave a burn!
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    Do you recommend any certain kind of camera? Any tips or suggestions? I really am quite lost in how I am going to manage doing this.
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    I used a disposable camera. Tore it apart, keeping the circuit board, with capacitor, flash, and battery and button.

    Now, I have just enough electronics knowledge to get into trouble, and I did work in photography at the time, so I wasn't totally in the dark.

    I caution you again, this may not be the project for someone who is not experienced. These capacitors operate with hundreds of volts and can give you quite a wallop. When I was working on this, to prove a point, I shorted the contacts across a screwdriver. It left two burn divots in the screwdriver. That could be your finger.
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    jim hardy

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    the shock can be painful.
    use one hand only so it can never go through your chest..
    never handle with wet hands.

    1-hour photolab at drugstore or mall will probably give you a sackfull of disposable cameras for free. saves them recycling the batteries.
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