Would I Be Considered A Transfer Or Undergraduate?

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I am a junior in high school living in Oklahoma and am interested in applying to the University of California, Berkeley when I can in my senior year. Now here is where things get complicated.

In Oklahoma, high school students with high-ish grades (B or higher) have the option of concurrent enrollment, taking college classes during the high school year for high school AND college credit. Now I am currently taking AP Calculus BC and AP Physics I (with Calculus I don't know the A/B/C thing that goes after Physics). So the next logical step if I pass the AP tests would be to take Calculus III and Physics II at the local college using concurrent enrollment, but I don't know if I'd be considered an Undergraduate or a Transfer if I apply to the University of California next year.

I'd be considered an Undergraduate since I just got out of high school, but I'd be a transfer since I have college credit. :confused:

I have already contacted the University of California about this but I got this impersonal response back.
University of California said:
Dear, Christopher

Thank you for your email of November 21, 2011
Due to the complex nature of your inquiry, and to ensure that you receive prompt, accurate, and personal answers to your questions, please call the Processing Service directly. You can reach us at 1-800-523-2048 (in California) or (925) 808-2181 (from outside of California). Our office hours are 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
What really bugs me about this email is how I said I was outside of California but they bothered to include the California phone number. :grumpy:

Also the University of California only accept transfers in their Junior year of college but I want to get out of Oklahoma as fast as possible since this is in my opinion one of the worst states in the nation. (I'd probably just take more AP classes instead of college classes if I'd be considered a transfer because of this reason).

I will probably contact them before Thanksgiving Break is over but I really hate to talk on the phone. :cry:

What do you think I'd be considered?

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should be a regular student, i think a lot of kids who go to harvard / mit / caltech / etc all have taken college classes while still in hs, so apply as you normally would, but still contact them to see about the procedure :P

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