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Yet Another Introduction to Analysis

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    what level are you at? if you've just done calculus with no set theory then that book looks like it would be a very gentle intro to analysis. if you have done some set theory I would get a more advanced book like the one by Pfaffenberger/Johnsonbaugh (it's cheaper too I think)
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    I've done a little set theory, but I'm not looking for an advanced text. I just want something I could read before I start university in a few months.

    After going through random pages of it on Amazon, I think I'm gonna go ahead and buy it.

    Thanks for your reply though. :)
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    it looks like mr rogers on analysis. i would steer clear of it, unless you enjoy being talked down to.
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    I on the other hand think it would be excellent for the purpose devious wants. just to give him a leg up on understanding the course work to come. As a stand-alone teach yourself book, I agree it would be inadequate. Though depending on your financial resources and learning style it might be useful as a companion to a harder text.
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