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Your view on rat race and sustained progress

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    Hi all,

    Recently, I've been thinking about incomes and expenses in a decent life (for generations after generations). I've made a few observation that each year more and more scientists, engineers, lawyers, bankers, businessmen are employed in our economy. And also a majority of them already inside try to climb up the rank. It is a huge rat race.

    My question is,
    If anyone quits rat race and stays at a certain position for extended period of time (without promotions or better job), is his stability in danger? Is he going down the socio-economic ladder because over time more and more jobs will be created and filled above him? Will the progress be difficult for him if he (or his offspring) chose to do so later?

    Or, is he actually quite stable at his position? as the number of white collar jobs does not boom exponentially as we might think (from business news)? maybe that number remains more or less same only the nature of jobs change in future? it is possible to have progress for him if he (or his offspring) chose to do so later?

    I think you get my thoughts by now. I'd like to know your view on this two different side/outcome of the future.
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    It would depend on her situation, the company etc... Too many variables to make a meaningful guess. Climbing the ladder can put you at more risk since there is more exposure to upper management and carries more responsibility, in a merger, you are more at risk of being laid off if there is one position and two in your title.

    It would not affect her offspring's employment, at least not in a country like the US.
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    IMO, one should be able to roll with the punches and learn quickly. I can't tell you how many different (though perhaps related) jobs I have had in the last 40+ years.

    A piece of advice, though. If you sign on with a sociopath that owns a company, and you make him a millionaire several times over with just a 2-person division, you should not expect him to be happy paying your bonuses. Sociopaths are greedy and ruthless.
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    Spot on, Evo! Climbing the ladder means you have more adaptability with upper management and enormous responsibility. It does give you more bucks but that could be unnecessary.

    I've always thought that regardless of my income my child should always have the possibility of doing good jobs.
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    I'm tackling this economic picture from a very broad and general perspective. There'll be always high paid jobs and low paid jobs and there'll be balance between them. No matter what you do, with "sufficient" effort you or your offspring can always get a high paid job. So don't jump into the rat race if you don't want to earn a few extra bucks.

    There had been great depression, first and second recession, inflation etc., and many more to come. What matters is that I secure the basic social educational need of my offspring and move on.
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