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Yutirium barium copper oxide (YBCO)

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    can YBCO be prepared in lab.?:biggrin: :approve:
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    4BaCO3 + Y2(CO3)3 + 6 CuCO3 → 2 YBa2Cu3O{7-x} + 13 CO2 + (3+x)O2
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    thanks ,
    I want to know wether it can withstand induction from an electron beam as a superconductor ,too?
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    Please explain that question. It's not clear what you are asking.
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    I've read that YBCO cannot withstand high currents....why?:confused:
    And what are the limitations?:uhh:
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    Vaguely recall something about the lack of magnetic pinning.
    Generally, some sort of lattic dislocation, that localized magnetic field lines freeing the rest of the surface.
    I think this was adjustable, but don't recall if the additional dopeing was applicable to YBCO.
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