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Zero point energy

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    arXiv:1209.4734 [pdf, ps, other]
    A resolution of the cosmological constant problem
    Jan M. Greben
    Subjects: General Physics (physics.gen-ph)
    The standard calculation of vacuum energy or zero point energy is in strong disagreement with observation. We suggest that this discrepancy is caused by the incomplete quantization of standard field theory. The vacuum energy calculation for fermions shows an unacceptable asymmetry between particles and anti-particles, which has to be corrected by an additional quantization step that reverses the order of the anti-particle operators. Boson fields can be handled similarly, but have to be expanded first in terms of bilinear fermion operators. After the full quantization the vacuum energy vanishes. This does not violate the Casimir effect as this can be explained without reference to the vacuum energy, as Jaffe has demonstrated elsewhere

    Thought i should flag this paper for the more knowledgeable, i would be interested in your thoughts.
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