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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,152
These identities might be considered as true: \begin{array}{rcl} 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + \cdots & = & \frac{1}{2} \\ ...
Jun2-10 01:00 PM
20 2,221
For some reason, I can not seem to evaluate this integral. \int \frac{x}{ln(x)} dx When I plug it into maple it...
Jun2-10 09:04 AM
6 7,956
The unit normal vector N of a given curve is equal to the first derivative with respect to t of the unit tangent...
Jun1-10 09:34 PM
1 2,255
Hello, How can I find the limit of x^{k}\mathrm{e}^{-ax^n} for x\to +\infty. a,k,n are positive reals. I even have...
Jun1-10 08:57 AM
Char. Limit
9 1,830
My question revolves around the following derivative: for z(x,y) *sorry I can't seem to get the latex right. ...
Jun1-10 12:50 AM
5 1,080
How do you derive the hypervolume/hypersurface of the unit ball in n dimensions? I thought it'd be trivial but oh...
May31-10 02:24 PM
4 781
I've taken maths through calc 3. I understand the Maclaurin series represents a function f(x) as a power series: ...
May31-10 10:13 AM
3 1,568
So, I was reading the book "Riemann's Zeta Function", by H.M. Edwards, and on page 10 I see an integral I don't quite...
May31-10 03:51 AM
5 1,227
Let's find the Maclaurin Series of tanhx up to powers of x^5 Yeah! Good idea! I know Right, f(x) = tanh...
May31-10 02:50 AM
4 4,109
Dear All, Its my first post on this the physics forum. i have a question. Can we integrate double integrals...
May30-10 09:38 PM
0 2,214
quick question, I was watching an MITOCW physics lecture and I want to know where a principle breaks down. \int^t_0...
May30-10 08:27 PM
11 1,396
I have a function that is parametrized by a direction and returns a signal strength, F(\theta, \phi) \rightarrow R...
May30-10 06:14 PM
0 574
Hello, if I have a function f:\mathbb{R}\rightarrow \mathbb{C}, what are the conditions on f for which the derivative...
May30-10 04:55 PM
2 1,412
So i'm trying to find out what the procedure is to convert a cartesian unit vector to a cylindrical unit vector. Any...
May30-10 12:45 PM
2 2,879
My course notes state: f(x+s) = f(x) + \nabla f(x+ts)^{T}s for some t \in (0,1) If f is twice...
May30-10 10:23 AM
0 696
I know that the Taylor Series of f(x)= \frac{1}{1+x^2} around x0 =...
May30-10 01:12 AM
11 52,387 Just wondering if anyone could help me with finding the most...
May29-10 07:20 PM
0 1,150
How do I calculate \int_C dz/1-z when C is a line segment from 1/2 to \sqrt{3i}. I know that in the complement of...
May28-10 05:55 PM
7 923
I need to figure this integral out for a graduate research project, however I've been stuck on it for days now: int...
May28-10 01:03 PM
4 2,174
Hi, I'm doing calc-2, and I have hard time understanding and visualizing the idea of Taylor approximation in my head....
May28-10 07:40 AM
2 738
Hi All, I have a question about notation. Suppose I have an expression: f(x,g(x,y)) I would like to know...
May27-10 09:49 PM
2 731
Hi all, I am desperately looking for a reference for a summation formula, which I have obtained with Mathematica. It...
May27-10 05:47 PM
Pere Callahan
1 777
In my Calculus book, in the chapter that introduces multiple integration, it has a chapter on integrals that calculate...
May27-10 10:13 AM
6 1,044
Hey All, First post, hopefully it will be readable. I was going to try and word it correctly, but I might as well...
May27-10 07:10 AM
2 1,006
I am just curious, when you perform a loop integral, does the fact that it is a loop integral change the way you...
May27-10 03:04 AM
2 819
My real analysis book says that a path from two points p, q in a metric space M is a continuous function f: --> M...
May27-10 12:06 AM
3 691
\delta(x)=\frac{d}{dx}\Theta(x) - delta function like a first derivative of Heaviside step function \Theta(x)=\int...
May26-10 06:55 PM
6 3,478
My question is in the attached .pdf file.. thanks.
May26-10 10:55 AM
0 1,564
rms of sine wave = peak * 1/SQRT(2) how is this derived from the rms equation? (Search engines have returned no...
May25-10 09:45 PM
13 75,219
im trying to prove rouche's theorem for harmonic fcts. i have already proved the argument principle for harmonic...
May25-10 01:02 PM
0 623
I'm trying to simplify this. I have two functions, f0(z), and f'(t, x, y, z). One is the 'base' value that varies only...
May24-10 10:40 PM
4 1,449
Can i use box muller transform to generate a distribution with two different sigma (i.e. sigma_x and sigma_y)? I...
May24-10 06:18 PM
Lord Crc
1 2,538
im proving this theorem that says if u is a cont fct (piecewise) we have the fct U(z) = 1/2*pi /integral (0 -->...
May24-10 01:42 PM
0 1,258
S(\vec{q})= \int_0^r exp(i\vec{q}\cdot\vec{x})4\pi x^2 \ dx How would one approach this integral? I tried to...
May23-10 12:23 PM
2 1,148
May i know how to find the curvature of a point on a wave function? e.g wave function: y=Asin(wx) and i want...
May23-10 03:08 AM
2 979
I'm an engineering major taking an advanced level physics class. I realize that I really have no clue when it comes to...
May22-10 08:44 AM
2 2,320
Is f(x)=sin x differentiable at x = pi/2. If yes why? because what i think is at pi/2 f'(x) changes from 1 to -1 so...
May22-10 01:59 AM
R Power
15 1,637
w = 1 + sigma(xy)*log(1-w); u = sqrt((1-w)*(1+w)); v = u*sin(phi); u = u*cos(phi); u, v and w...
May21-10 06:00 PM
0 5,435
Hey All, I'm learning calculus through videos. The videos that I'm watching are really good, but they are...
May21-10 01:14 PM
2 720
Hi all, I have an ODE with the form \frac{\mathrm{d}^{2}\phi}{\mathrm{d}x^{2}}+a\exp(b\phi)=0 B.C....
May20-10 11:53 PM
2 1,396

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