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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,282
Hi, As per Clariut's theorem, if the derivatives of a function up to the high order are continuous at (a,b), then we...
Jul20-10 12:20 PM
2 1,669
Hello, How would you formally express the result of: \lim_{\Delta \to 0}\int_{a}^{a+\Delta}f(x)\cdot dx Is it...
Jul19-10 01:00 PM
10 945
Tell me I'm not going mad. If I have a vector field of the form \mathbf{A}=(0,A(x,y,z),0) and I want to take the...
Jul19-10 07:33 AM
1 1,573
Hello, given a parametric curve \mathbf{r}(s)=x(s)\mathbf{i} + y(s)\mathbf{j} + z(s)\mathbf{k}, my textbook says that...
Jul18-10 03:28 PM
3 1,613
Good morning, I was reading a derivation of equations of the two-body problem and I found the following statement:...
Jul18-10 03:27 PM
10 1,446
Hello, I want to do the convolution of a gaussian function and a hole. If I want to use Fourier transform which...
Jul18-10 02:57 PM
4 1,195
Hi there, I have a problem for work that is stirring up lots of memories of University Math courses, and I need...
Jul18-10 01:44 PM
0 675
Hello, I have been thought differential-calculus ages ago, but now when started reading some physics books (where...
Jul18-10 12:25 PM
2 1,081
I wanted to differentiate (cos(x))^x Applying the chain rule I got -x(sinx)(cosx)^(x-1) But when I go to...
Jul18-10 12:12 PM
8 2,196
I have always been curious as to where the definition of cosh(x) and sinh(x) come from and how they are related to the...
Jul18-10 06:02 AM
1 2,312
Hi there, what's the integral over infinity of exp(-kx^2 )? the integral of exp(-x^2) is sqrt(pi)... appreciate the...
Jul18-10 05:44 AM
1 1,836
Hi all, Long time stalker, first time poster. I've finally got stumped by something not already answered (as far...
Jul17-10 03:05 PM
0 620
Okay, I have always loved physics, but I have been having a really difficult trying to grasp the advanced math that...
Jul16-10 10:33 AM
2 798
Hi, During my research I came across a contour integral where the pole was on the boundary. I have never come...
Jul16-10 08:24 AM
5 2,399
where can i find a proof of the following identity ? \sum_{n=0}^{\infty} (-x)^{n} \frac{c(n)}{n!} \sim c(x)...
Jul16-10 05:24 AM
1 1,031
what is the difference between the value of function at A and the limit of function at A. to find the limit of...
Jul15-10 05:47 PM
2 710
Hello! I'm not quite sure where to put this. I'm programming, but my question should be strictly mathematical. ...
Jul15-10 09:03 AM
9 1,962
In a book I am reading I see the following: m(B_n) \uparrow m(A)\quad \textrm{if}\, B_1 \subset B_2 \subset \dots\,...
Jul15-10 01:17 AM
1 731
I'm trying to determine the centroid of the shape below: The curve line is that of a...
Jul14-10 05:33 PM
2 868
I was trying to calculate the following limit: lim {x-> infinity} (x + 2x)^(1/2) - x I manipulate f(x) in such...
Jul14-10 02:00 PM
9 1,017
The integral of (sin(t)cos(t)) has two possible solutions: {(sint)^2}/2 and {-(cost)^2}/2 eventhough these two...
Jul14-10 12:45 PM
3 979
How do you integrate 2exp(1-x).dx? The expression describes the cumulative number of cells as a function of cell...
Jul14-10 08:38 AM
1 1,754
Hey guys, this forum has pretty much inspired me to start learning calculus, and, well, here I am. So let's take...
Jul13-10 12:24 PM
7 1,253
Basically from what I understand the integral of a function, say ∫x^2dx from say 0 to 1, can be represented as the...
Jul12-10 11:46 PM
4 1,669
hey, i'm having some difficulties solving a problem. i want to know exactly how to go about solving it, since i am...
Jul12-10 03:36 PM
2 1,265
Let H be a Hilbert space and let S be the set of linear operators on H. Is there a proper subset of S that is dense in...
Jul12-10 01:05 AM
3 1,497
To proove the inequality: \left | \int_a^b f(t) dt \right | \le \int_a^b | f(t) | dt for complex valued f, use...
Jul11-10 11:55 AM
3 754
This is one of those questions I'd be afraid to ask, but here I go: If I have a quantity \Delta y= \Delta x+...
Jul10-10 09:58 AM
6 1,143
Hi, I have a double (actually quadruple, but the other dimensions don't matter here) integral which looks like...
Jul10-10 08:31 AM
2 2,315
can exist an smooth function with the property y(\infty) =0 and y'(\infty) =1 ? the inverse case, a function...
Jul10-10 07:26 AM
4 834
This question comes from the proof of Lemma 9.3 of Bartle's "The Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure" in page...
Jul10-10 12:13 AM
3 2,023
Hi, during the analysis of a problem in my phd thesis I have resulted in the following equation. \varphi(x)=...
Jul9-10 05:28 PM
5 1,611
Hi, I had a question about surfaces. Suppose I had a mapping for a surface S: S(u,v) ---> (x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v)) ...
Jul9-10 03:23 PM
0 1,597
The past few examples in my review book demonstrated u-substitution to integrate trig functions. The example I'm on...
Jul9-10 03:15 AM
10 5,687
Hello, sorry for the trivial question: what's the correct way of computing the following double integral: \int_a^b...
Jul9-10 12:57 AM
3 795
What about the nonlinear forms of it? Or is it guaranteed to reach a global minimum?
Jul9-10 12:09 AM
1 1,142
How is this possible? \int_{i\infty}^\pi e^{ix} dx = i I mean, I understand that the integral of exp(ix) is -i...
Jul8-10 10:31 PM
3 1,883
I hope this is the correct forum for this thread. I know there are many threads on this but my situation is a little...
Jul8-10 09:36 PM
21 10,256
Is it possible to integrate this function \int {e^{x^2}} dx \int \left (y^2) e^{y^2} dy The book says...
Jul8-10 12:18 PM
6 1,789
I would have said it is 0, but then why is it that a twice derivable function is a function like, for example, f(x) =...
Jul8-10 03:11 AM
1 1,087

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