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Apr2-14 12:35 PM Enigman 

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I'm going to be making a list of good ones to purchase for summer reading. I would like to see what are some people's...
Apr13-14 10:16 PM
104 17,226
A few favorites that I've mentioned before are: Metropolis Solaris Brazil The Man from Earth I just caught...
Nov25-13 02:55 AM
433 71,442
This forum is for the discussion of science fiction and fantasy stories. Discussions of the internal workings of a...
Mar23-13 07:39 AM
0 1,758
I don't know if this will work, but I thought we might try something a little different. As with other contests, get...
May25-10 11:20 PM
113 17,638
I know this question is really stupid, but i was wondering, what if the entire world is destroyed, and millions of...
Y 08:22 PM
Vanadium 50
12 265
An SF idea is to use sonic waves instead of water to cleanse your body. Would it work in reality? I saw a video once,...
Y 06:07 PM
3 250
Greg started 2 threads about which sci-fi and fantasy universe you'd like to live in. Yet (curiously) I only see one...
Apr15-14 11:42 AM
14 829
hey guys, I need some tech support for a spaceship in a story that is currently in the works :) Assuming the...
Apr10-14 04:07 PM
45 3,064
In The Time Machine, by HG Wells, George took three books with him when he returned to join Weena and the Eloi, to...
Apr8-14 12:12 AM
14 1,868 I'm curious which simple devices in your...
Apr6-14 04:38 PM
17 537
So, I've been learning about quantum mechanics as of late. If I understand correctly, there would be a large amount...
Apr5-14 10:03 PM
3 227
I just finished season 1! I'm a huge fan now!
Mar30-14 04:35 AM
46 2,319
Ok, here we go (may contain spoilers)... I'm quite a fan of scientific fiction. I watched 2001 a few years ago when...
Mar29-14 09:29 PM
54 11,358
I have to ask, since I see all this love for Star Trek. Any fans of the last of the Babylon stations?
Mar22-14 08:04 AM
9 598
Who is your favorite SciFi character? Personally I can't pick one! I have to pick three! :D Spock (Star Trek)...
Mar16-14 11:08 PM
48 2,610
Are the trailers any good? :smile:
Mar10-14 05:25 AM
25 2,068
Hello everyone this is my first thread I released that the forum doesn't have a Terry Pratchett thread so I thought...
Mar8-14 02:28 PM
10 279
Ok so just for the sake of talking and I'm bored, can someone type the Star Trek list from oldest/top to new/bottom???...
Mar7-14 03:29 AM
26 1,316
We have a SciFi what world would you like in, now what fantasy world would you pick to live in? examples are,...
Mar6-14 07:43 PM
63 4,833
There is a pinned thread on favorite books but do you have any authors that you would read anything they wrote, can...
Feb28-14 09:06 PM
9 566
How would you think natural human flight would be possible?
Feb25-14 09:44 AM
5 350
Hey there , I Was just developing setting for an alternative history Sci-Fic Novel in which contemplative powers of...
Feb11-14 02:58 AM
9 972
So I was reading some books with implosion grenades in them, and was wondering if they were theoretically possible. ...
Feb6-14 01:58 AM
23 1,086
Cheesy movie, right? A lot of fun though. For those who don't know, there is a starship in the film called the Event...
Feb5-14 02:17 PM
15 3,407
Hi! I'm a science fiction writer and need to know if a body would decay in a microbe-free environment. I have a killer...
Jan30-14 04:24 AM
10 699
If warp drive was possible, how could it affect the orbit of planets that are close to the warp? I'm not sure how to...
Jan9-14 02:05 PM
5 720
So I just watched this documentary (or whatever you want to call it) called Evacuate Earth. It talks about a...
Jan9-14 02:04 PM
29 2,754
Hi. I was wondering about this. In the "Star Trek" movie of 2009, the destruction of the planet Vulcan is shown, by...
Dec31-13 07:03 AM
6 726
Anyone else seen this somewhat low budget Scifi movie? Its not that old, say maybe 3-5 years. Called "Moon" Very...
Dec30-13 06:55 AM
10 1,481
Project journeyman , found this classic game at a yard sale, Anyone ever played it? Wanna know? what was the point of...
Dec30-13 03:01 AM
3 616
Im trying to find movies like the 2 that I mentioned above. Where by majority of the scenes take place at one place....
Dec23-13 11:28 AM
3 729
Moderation note: This thread has been split from another so as not to derail the former thread I have a hard time...
Dec21-13 03:06 AM
119 15,771
Despite the 20+ answers in this thread I think most of us would agree that life for 99% of fantasy world inhabitants...
Dec20-13 02:55 PM
11 1,155
I've been a big fan of Doctor Who but not particularly the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. It seems to me Doctor Who may have...
Dec17-13 04:49 AM
8 959
I asked this question to Doc Al in his interview, but I think it would be fun to hear from everyone. You can pick any...
Dec11-13 03:58 PM
71 6,105
Greg Bears Book one: Anvil of Stars Book two: Forge of God Anyone else a fan of these books? I guess im...
Dec10-13 07:48 AM
7 1,331
I didn't really know where to put this, so I just put it here. What I wanted to discuss was the following: often...
Dec9-13 12:56 PM
9 906
Hi folks, Had an idea for a science fiction story I'm writing, wondered if it would actually work in reality....
Nov26-13 03:38 PM
7 810
I'd like to hire an astronomer to help me with a writing project (fiction). Do you guys have any tips on how I can go...
Nov11-13 01:33 PM
2 891
Hi, I'm looking for time travel stories (preferably movies) without paradoxes (grandfather paradox and similar)....
Nov2-13 07:38 PM
3 1,393
I'm writing a new section in my science fiction novel and need a little help with the science of it. So, the...
Oct29-13 01:45 PM
3 1,030
I felt I had to be a little explicit with the title, because just "Gravity" is a little too vague for a forum like...
Oct27-13 07:42 AM
35 4,328
'Star Wars': Visit Tatooine, before it's swallowed by the Sahara (
Oct27-13 04:23 AM
1 870
Firstly, it's darn hard work, and any notion I had about overtaking Crawford's, Lights Out, have been dealt a painful...
Oct18-13 09:30 PM
1 791

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