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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,791
Suppose I have a charge inside a conductor as shown in the image I've attached. For any charge distribution: \oint...
Jan13-14 07:48 PM
4 386
If all the currents were inside a sphere with the radius R, then we would have \int B \,dV= 2/3\mu_0 M where M is...
Jan13-14 06:45 PM
Simon Bridge
1 277
When rolling on a flat floor when the velocity at the circumference equals the velocity at the centre of mass the...
Jan13-14 03:39 PM
1 298
Hello, I'm trying to prove a simulation of mine is working correctly. the simulation has a cube of sides 1, mass 1...
Jan13-14 03:29 PM
2 348
Hi there, I am reading about Lagrangian mechanics. At some point the difference between the temporal derivative of...
Jan13-14 11:12 AM
5 330
I've got a few issues with the topic of thermodynamic expansion, ΔU, etc. With ΔU=q+w, this w is to mean work done...
Jan13-14 06:37 AM
23 941
hello, I would like to hear some comments about this situation. There seems to be two incompatible definitions...
Jan12-14 08:06 PM
Simon Bridge
10 661
Hall showed that a slightly higher exponent in Newton's equation would cause precession. Would there be the same...
Jan12-14 05:31 PM
0 212
A high Q antenna basically means the antenna stores a large amount of energy in the near fields compared with the...
Jan12-14 03:21 PM
0 313
Hellow! A general system mass-damper-spring is describied by differential equation: m \frac{d^2x}{dt^2}+\gamma...
Jan12-14 10:47 AM
1 381
The Law of Conservation of Momentum states that the total linear momentum does not change in any closed system not...
Jan12-14 10:45 AM
2 359
Hi all! I am hoping your combined brains can help me with a problem in analyzing a technical rope rescue system I have...
Jan12-14 09:37 AM
11 480
Object with positive mechanical energy in an attractive force field moves along a hyperbolic path and whose energy is...
Jan12-14 04:09 AM
11 514
If I have a spinning circular disc of uniform density, how would I find the torque generated by friction, if the disc...
Jan12-14 01:03 AM
Simon Bridge
3 351
This isn't homework. I'm reviewing physics after many years of neglect. As with most of my posts, I made this problem...
Jan11-14 08:16 PM
2 315
I am working on a problem involving force between two loops of current. The problem is to prove the for any arbitrary...
Jan11-14 05:24 PM
6 824
Hall showed that a slight increase in the radius exponent in Newton's equation would cause precession. What would the...
Jan11-14 04:53 PM
2 329
So i was wondering how the curl of the magnetic field is derived since Feynman just introduces it from nothing in his...
Jan11-14 05:34 AM
1 249
Hello, I am trying to find the heat capacity ratio of water at 1000C or 1273.15K. I have tried to find it through...
Jan10-14 07:26 PM
4 261
In wikipedia it says that "Coulomb's law of electric forces was initially also formulated as instantaneous action at a...
Jan10-14 05:53 PM
1 323
According to "Physics for Engineers and Scientists by Ohanian and Markert, a second is the time needed for...
Jan10-14 03:59 PM
2 345
Please help. Ice is more denser than water when temperature of water ≥9C. Then why ice doesn't sink in water at these...
Jan10-14 02:31 PM
13 487
I have a classroom full of Ohaus cent-o-gram model 311. Most work fine, but a few I can't calibrate to 0. I've used...
Jan10-14 02:06 PM
4 238
In Griffith's section about electrostatic boundary conditions, he says that given a surface with charge density ...
Jan10-14 10:50 AM
7 314
I understand that the torque caused by the friction must cause an angular acceleration, and it makes sense that the...
Jan10-14 08:07 AM
Tanya Sharma
1 285
Angular momentum is conserved, which means that the change in angular momentum of object A must be exactly canceled by...
Jan9-14 03:35 PM
3 316
Hello everyone, Here is something I've discussed with some colleagues recently and that generated a lot of...
Jan9-14 10:50 AM
25 909
What exactly is phase space and how is it different from real space i.e. 3 co-ordinate system? what does it mean when...
Jan9-14 10:08 AM
11 404
Electric field of an electromagnetic wave incident on a metal accelerates free electrons, and these accelerating...
Jan8-14 06:13 PM
28 935
For several years i have thought about air (fluid) resistance without getting deeper into the formulas that model its...
Jan8-14 05:14 PM
1 370
on a soap bubble colours can be text book says its due to the interference betwewn light waves from the top...
Jan8-14 03:31 PM
2 282
Hi, I have problem understanding some things about this particular LDV system(a Laser Dopler velocimeter). ...
Jan8-14 11:30 AM
1 256
Hi, so i have a fairly good understanding of most of the concepts relating to inertia. but my question is what is the...
Jan8-14 10:46 AM
4 409
Hi all-- First time poster, long time physics lover. ;) My dad and I got into a discussion the other day since...
Jan8-14 04:11 AM
9 5,147
I have been reading Lagrangian from Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor. I have adoubt in a derivation which...
Jan8-14 03:21 AM
2 317
Hello. I'm wondering about the Gaunt factor. I'm currently interesting in the spectroscopy in which the Gaunt...
Jan7-14 07:17 PM
0 323
Suppose the particle is at distance x from mean position and moving away . The standard formula for calculating...
Jan7-14 05:13 PM
29 899
This is driving me nuts. What am I missing? Suppose you have an inclined plane with a mass m resting on it. The...
Jan6-14 06:42 PM
2 332
Hi, please could someone help clarify the reason why a mechanical wave is inverted at a boundary as I'm really stuck!...
Jan6-14 05:44 PM
3 376
the question is about the uniqueness theorem (right now I am reading in griffiths book). the first uniqueness theorem...
Jan6-14 05:40 PM
Simon Bridge
10 440

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