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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,738
Hello everyone, Here is something I've discussed with some colleagues recently and that generated a lot of...
Jan9-14 10:50 AM
25 897
What exactly is phase space and how is it different from real space i.e. 3 co-ordinate system? what does it mean when...
Jan9-14 10:08 AM
11 402
Electric field of an electromagnetic wave incident on a metal accelerates free electrons, and these accelerating...
Jan8-14 06:13 PM
28 921
For several years i have thought about air (fluid) resistance without getting deeper into the formulas that model its...
Jan8-14 05:14 PM
1 365
on a soap bubble colours can be text book says its due to the interference betwewn light waves from the top...
Jan8-14 03:31 PM
2 281
Hi, I have problem understanding some things about this particular LDV system(a Laser Dopler velocimeter). ...
Jan8-14 11:30 AM
1 255
Hi, so i have a fairly good understanding of most of the concepts relating to inertia. but my question is what is the...
Jan8-14 10:46 AM
4 405
Hi all-- First time poster, long time physics lover. ;) My dad and I got into a discussion the other day since...
Jan8-14 04:11 AM
9 5,132
I have been reading Lagrangian from Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor. I have adoubt in a derivation which...
Jan8-14 03:21 AM
2 303
Hello. I'm wondering about the Gaunt factor. I'm currently interesting in the spectroscopy in which the Gaunt...
Jan7-14 07:17 PM
0 317
Suppose the particle is at distance x from mean position and moving away . The standard formula for calculating...
Jan7-14 05:13 PM
29 896
This is driving me nuts. What am I missing? Suppose you have an inclined plane with a mass m resting on it. The...
Jan6-14 06:42 PM
2 324
Hi, please could someone help clarify the reason why a mechanical wave is inverted at a boundary as I'm really stuck!...
Jan6-14 05:44 PM
3 373
the question is about the uniqueness theorem (right now I am reading in griffiths book). the first uniqueness theorem...
Jan6-14 05:40 PM
Simon Bridge
10 438
Suppose that we have the potential V=\frac{exp(-\lambda r)}{r} that \lambda is a constant. To calculate the charge...
Jan6-14 04:34 PM
1 242
i know the relation between these two. with increase in pressure, the viscosity of liquids (expect water] increases...
Jan6-14 01:55 PM
2 251
Hey Dear forum, I know I'm wrong, but I don't know why: Since the Earth's descends 5 meters for every 8km, a...
Jan6-14 05:19 AM
11 463
Recently stumbled on this problem: A uniform disk (I = MR2 ) of mass 8.0 kg can rotate without friction on a...
Jan6-14 12:18 AM
2 765
I'm learning vectors. I read somewhere that if a vectors magnitude is constant, then its derivative is perpendicular....
Jan5-14 10:51 PM
Simon Bridge
11 700
How to calculate <n_i ^2> for an ideal gas by the grand partition function (<n_i> is the occupation number)? In other...
Jan5-14 05:10 PM
2 245
Hi All, Assume we have a package that we want it in an orbit with highest possible speed. In which orbit...
Jan5-14 01:42 PM
2 360
Hey all, I'm working on a project now where I am using a solenoid driven at a 10Hz AC current to create a magnetic...
Jan4-14 11:00 AM
20 633
I am currently working on a project that cools water moving through a chilled aluminum block. I am not familiar with...
Jan4-14 12:26 AM
9 32,379
I'm working on an Apollo re-entry program and would like to somehow check my results I got for re-entry. I'm using 3...
Jan4-14 12:05 AM
2 373
This has botherd me for quite sometime ......imagine a beam or a simple scale supported at its centre and carrying...
Jan3-14 11:14 PM
2 314
HI gurus I have found helped on this forum, that I am trying again. I would like to know the steps I should...
Jan3-14 05:53 PM
Simon Bridge
14 634
Using this graph: As the reaction proceeds it stops at the equilibrium as it...
Jan3-14 03:13 PM
4 398
I'm figuring that this has been asked before, but I couldn't locate a previous thread. Here's my problem: A 1.0...
Jan3-14 02:20 PM
3 348
Is it possible to have a zero vector? The question arises in the context of conservation of momentum. In center of...
Jan3-14 01:06 PM
42 1,364
Self inductance of a coil : how does it happen ? I've got some hardtime trying to imagine how it happens , the phrase...
Jan3-14 01:06 PM
23 685
If I comb my hair with a rubber comb, the comb can be used to pick up small bits of paper on a desk. This says that...
Jan3-14 11:43 AM
Doc Al
8 416
In principle does classical physics allow us to make a fair N-sided die where N ≥ 3? If I give you a set of N...
Jan3-14 11:22 AM
6 420
I came up with this problem, and solved for it, but I do question its accuracy, and id like to know how I could make...
Jan3-14 09:20 AM
2 355
Why are the reactions from two objects not at equilibrium ?
Jan3-14 09:00 AM
4 284
Hi all, Suppose we go in space where no gravity and friction exists. If there is a bar, in say - horizontal plane...
Jan3-14 07:34 AM
Tanya Sharma
10 580
If you have a rod oscillating back and forth by a frictionless pivot point near the end of one side of the rod and the...
Jan3-14 03:33 AM
1 270
Hi all, I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Say we have two identical particles orbiting (in...
Jan2-14 10:57 PM
2 344
Suppose a (parallel plate) capacitor of capacitance C is charged to a potential difference V and then disconnected and...
Jan2-14 10:42 PM
10 1,472
Postulate a parcel of air that is transmitting sound waves. Can that parcel ever be considered to be in a state of...
Jan2-14 10:36 PM
Simon Bridge
9 1,604
I have doubts of how can I put my frame of reference in a simple harmonic motion vertical spring. Normally the books...
Jan2-14 08:09 PM
Simon Bridge
1 242

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