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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,837
This confusion is about the following problem: Suppose the entire region below the plane z=0 is filled with uniform...
May18-14 09:59 AM
Meir Achuz
5 302
Hi, please could someone explain why the magnetic field is stronger at the poles of a magnet. I know that the field...
May17-14 08:50 PM
3 346 I understand how motional EMF is produced, the magnetic force...
May17-14 01:07 PM
11 383
Hi I'm confused after reading the definitions of physical Quantity and physical property: Definition from...
May17-14 11:00 AM
3 414
Hi, I've read that the speed of em waves in the vacuum is the electric field component frac the magnetic field...
May17-14 10:25 AM
1 222
Hello all, I would like to know a method to trap light. That is, it should be pretty simple and non-electric. It...
May17-14 02:15 AM
12 333
I am trying to make a very strong magnet that will only last for a short pulse, just a fraction of a second, with a...
May16-14 10:50 PM
2 237
When a body is held or rests in equilibrium in contact with a surface (e.g. a slope, the edge of a block etc.) how do...
May16-14 05:14 PM
7 266
I am trying to find an equation that tells the strength of a magnetic field a given distance away from the source. It...
May16-14 03:04 PM
22 22,376
Hey guys, umm i'm just gonna get straight to the point, why is the notation of dy/dx for example is being abused so...
May16-14 10:22 AM
22 553
Hi All, I am thinking about building a simple electrical generator, and I am trying to make sure I clearly...
May16-14 05:30 AM
7 519
When water is vigorously shaken the kinetic energy and, hence, the motion of the molecules increase. Which particular...
May16-14 03:05 AM
Simon Bridge
1 231
To prepare for a future physics course, I googled Newton’s Laws and then found about the Work Energy Theorem. I can...
May15-14 07:30 PM
56 1,205
Hello everyone, I was wondering, is there any way of calculating the time it takes for two objects in thermal...
May15-14 07:10 PM
1 248
Hey guys, I've been wracking my brain for a while, and thus I have landed here yet again. My problem is the...
May15-14 12:11 PM
3 403
If I have a grounded conducting material, then I know that $\phi=0$ inside this material, no matter what the electric...
May15-14 05:42 AM
Simon Bridge
3 216
I had a bottle half full of ice and filled it with water and placed it in my fridge. I noticed that the ice was taking...
May15-14 04:18 AM
1 253
In the semi-classical treatment of the ideal gas, we write the partition function for the system as $$Z =...
May15-14 01:38 AM
1 270
I'm working on research into the feasibility of separating out the infrared rays above 1200 nm in sunlight for solar...
May14-14 10:10 PM
6 230
A new variational principle is presented in this paper: When...
May14-14 02:47 PM
1 203
To every scalar field s(x,y) there corresponds a 'constant' vector field x = A s(x,y) and y = B s(x,y), where A,B are...
May14-14 01:16 PM
6 216
First, I'm a second year high school physics student so my thinking may be half-baked. I was wondering what motion a...
May14-14 12:24 PM
2 226
In a beam of unpolarised light, there are thousands of light waves of all polarisations. At a given point along the...
May14-14 11:00 AM
6 408
Hello Everybody, Span efficiency factor appears in the lifting-line theory of Prandtl describing Lift and vortex...
May14-14 04:07 AM
22 2,087
I have a question that has puzzled me during the last couple of days. Suppose that there is a system (e.g. a small box...
May14-14 01:16 AM
Jano L.
14 565
Suppose we have a collection of conductors for which the voltage is specified on some conductors and the surface...
May13-14 03:01 PM
2 192
Hey, It's a simple question (hope so). How do you know (analitically) wether angular momentum is conserved based...
May13-14 01:49 PM
12 531
I am trying to calculate the maximum current drawn from a capacitor that is connected to a resistor of a very low...
May13-14 02:37 AM
4 270
Hi, In EM theory to derive the 'wave equation for electric field in a conducting medium' we make ρfree to be zero,...
May11-14 02:55 PM
Shan K
18 474
Hi everyone, I have recently been trying to make a nanoemulsion of an aqueous solution by means of Electrospray....
May11-14 02:14 PM
4 235
Afternoon all, I am interested to hear any and all suggestions as to how one would go about modelling the rise in...
May11-14 02:09 PM
4 281
In griffith's intro to electrodynamics (4rth edition), ch. 3, pg. 121. here is the second uniqueness thrm for the...
May11-14 12:20 PM
3 353
Hi 1) I am reading Pippard's Classical Thermodynamics and was confused by one of his examples in the attachment. ...
May11-14 09:51 AM
68 2,708
Has anyone ever "fired" an electron down the center of an evacuated tube (horizontally) to see if the electron follows...
May11-14 09:20 AM
Vanadium 50
5 398
For any ensemble ##dw=f(p,q,t)\frac{dp dq}{h^{3N}N!}## I do not understand this definition. ##f## is probability...
May11-14 03:22 AM
0 226
Hello, It is said that any process accompanied by dissipating effects is an irreversible process.For...
May11-14 01:57 AM
34 1,275
Good afternoon, I am making way through this paper and I am having trouble "seeing" how the linear velocity AE is...
May10-14 11:41 PM
7 347
Hello, I am having one question about whether we can realize we are moving in a system, or we think that everything...
May10-14 05:10 PM
1 256
Hello, I am interested in knowing what happens ta wire trough which current is flowing, when an external magnetic,...
May10-14 12:35 PM
5 250
here are the two equations i'm dealing with: Eq. 1: $$W=\frac{1}{2}\sum_{i=1}^n q_{i}V(r_{i})$$ Eq. 2:...
May10-14 02:00 AM
Jano L.
7 342

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