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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,480
Say I launch an object (a cart) up a frictionless inclined plane at an angle of 'theta' to the horizontal. ...
Sep12-11 01:25 AM
Ken G
3 4,671
Many runners twist in their upper body while they run. You can see this by watching the logo on their tee-shirt move...
Sep11-11 09:25 PM
Ken G
1 1,326
Hi, If I have a magnetic field orientated in the x-direction, a dipole positioned on the z-axis how do I find which...
Sep11-11 08:42 PM
1 1,304
So every mountain biker or motocross rider knows to never grab the front brake in the air. When you do the front end...
Sep11-11 06:24 PM
11 1,754
What are some currently unresolved problem in thermodynamics? Thanks
Sep11-11 05:06 PM
Andy Resnick
3 2,358
Hi all. I was working on a circuit question with inductors and I then had a question. Lets say we have a simple...
Sep11-11 01:30 PM
3 1,263
From Drude model. plasma frequency of gold can be calculated using following parameters Nau 5.90 1022 := × me 9.1095...
Sep11-11 01:09 PM
0 2,255
Hey i need derivation of projectile motion.. All four equation.. including range,height,X-axis distance,y-axis...
Sep11-11 08:35 AM
3 3,568
I read in this weeks Time (or maybe it was Newsweek) a statement that I have heard numerous times over the years and...
Sep11-11 08:11 AM
21 3,518
1. My questions is: Can "expi/r with r=sqrt(x**2+y**2+z**2), the frequency w is given, monochromatic wave" be...
Sep11-11 07:15 AM
32 4,778
I am researching for a sci-fi screenplay that I am writing for fun. To keep bone density from losing the estimated...
Sep11-11 06:04 AM
10 2,451
Hello everyone. There is a little project I could use some help with. I would like this done in a spreadsheet, so...
Sep10-11 10:44 PM
3 2,579
From: Question: Why are electromagnetic waves...
Sep10-11 08:20 PM
4 8,037
Suppose we have an antenna which has large directional gain. Suppose the antenna broadcasts linearly polarized...
Sep10-11 02:32 PM
2 1,048
Hello everybody, I have some questions: I'm talking only about travelling waves, not standing waves. If a linear...
Sep10-11 12:43 PM
Ken G
3 1,666
Spherical non-oscillating bubbles in a saturated liquid always tend to dissove, why? If the pressure is already...
Sep10-11 10:00 AM
7 1,305
Hi, if you have the book: Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8E, Serway Jewett On page 675 (Chapter 23), Example...
Sep10-11 08:48 AM
sweet springs
2 1,131
for 1 mole of gas, the adiabatic factor gamma is given by Cp,m / Cv,m where the C are molar heat capacities so if...
Sep10-11 03:59 AM
2 1,341
Hi I have physical mechanisms which can be used to sort particles in specific groups: 1. Particles with...
Sep9-11 11:44 PM
0 715
why do we stand up while moving up a hill in bicycle?
Sep9-11 06:58 PM
2 949
This question relates to second harmonic generation from a sub 100 nm nonlinear film. When light impinges on an...
Sep9-11 12:48 PM
1 808
Imagine that we have a charged parallel plate capacitor. I hold a charge somewhere between the plates. Is the...
Sep9-11 11:28 AM
1 797
why cant a wave transmit angular momentum?
Sep9-11 11:12 AM
1 585
Looking for a rough distance scale over which statistical methods begin to work, and macroscopic thermodynamic...
Sep9-11 04:36 AM
1 1,057
Hello, I'm prepping for a course I'm about to take and on the pre-course syllabus it said I should be able to: ...
Sep9-11 02:51 AM
1 965
Hello, I am currently trying to really come to grips with electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law. The text...
Sep9-11 02:46 AM
3 1,506
I'm an astronomy teacher on a very tight budget. Before I really get into the meat of astronomical information, I...
Sep8-11 06:10 PM
Andy Resnick
8 3,545
An object undergoing simple harmonic motion will always have varying acceleration. That means for each unit of time...
Sep8-11 01:41 PM
3 8,991
If a magnetised neodymium ball has a definite north and south point, could you slice the ball in two, and weld 2...
Sep8-11 12:02 PM
8 1,745
A plane wave can be described by the real part of the exponential wave equation: \mathbf{E}=E_{0}e^{i(kz-wt)} ...
Sep8-11 08:12 AM
1 936
Hello All, I am trying to create an experiment to determine the center of mass and inertia tensor of an aribtrary...
Sep8-11 08:06 AM
Andy Resnick
5 1,770
Why doesnt helicopter turn in opposite direction of rotation of propeller?
Sep8-11 04:43 AM
6 1,566
Hello. I'm trying to understand electromagnetic radiation. Any help would be appreciated. From my understanding a...
Sep7-11 07:51 PM
Bob S
6 4,697
At the current rate of oil consumption, the world will run out of it in twenty years. The Netherlands is investing...
Sep7-11 05:09 PM
15 2,072
I'm trying to derive the resonance frequencies for a simple fixed-fixed beam, as opposed to a simply-supported beam. ...
Sep7-11 03:23 PM
2 2,687
if a bird sitting in a closed cage starts to fly what happens to its weight of the system What in open cage
Sep7-11 01:56 PM
6 2,126
There are several references to “lost” kinetic energy when trying to analyze motion based on the Conservation of...
Sep7-11 12:46 PM
Ken G
63 6,726
Okay I think I get this but I just want to make sure: In a frictionless, fully insulated piston-cylinder...
Sep7-11 12:19 PM
13 5,450
Hello guys, I've been trying to solve Maxwell's Equations in a laser cavity, with length L. However I cannot......
Sep7-11 11:52 AM
1 1,101
suppose the angular momentum of the earth is omega (w) and a geo stationary satellite also moves with the same angular...
Sep7-11 11:49 AM
2 755

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