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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,758
I'm working on a project for myself in regards to atmospheric reentry. I've come across some equations that describe...
Apr9-14 08:41 PM
11 762
I have never dealt with moment of inertia before, this is a physics lab i need to do some pre planning for which...
Apr9-14 02:17 PM
8 224
I am currently working on a robotic manipulation problem and need to form a model for how an object responds. I start...
Apr9-14 09:14 AM
1 174
Suppose that we have a body that is moving at a straight line, inertially wrt to another frame. If it starts to move...
Apr9-14 07:58 AM
Andrew Mason
9 190
Where does ohmic resistance arise from, is it from the collision of the current with the electrons of the wire or is...
Apr9-14 07:57 AM
19 386
Hi everyone--first post, thanks for any guidance if I've posted in the wrong place. I've got a simple idea and I'm...
Apr9-14 05:08 AM
7 221
This is not schoolwork. Imagine that light did not have a constant speed, but behaved in the manner expected from...
Apr8-14 11:37 PM
Simon Bridge
1 169
Hi everyone. I've been having this discussion with a pal regarding what affects the grip of a motorcycle's tires...
Apr8-14 11:17 PM
11 1,566
Hello there, If a mass, m, is placed at one end of an boat of mass M, which is located on a frictionless ocean. If...
Apr8-14 12:58 PM
1 167
Hi there, first, thank you for letting me posting here and hopefully helping me with this. I am trying to model...
Apr8-14 10:29 AM
0 155
According to this website, there is an equation obtained empirically to obtain the amount of time it takes to cook a...
Apr8-14 08:30 AM
3 185
I played around in another thread with mathematically determining where a car should be time wise on 1/4 mile run. I...
Apr8-14 04:28 AM
6 276
in a cyclotron the radius of the path of electron increases.but how if the velocity of the electron is accelerated its...
Apr8-14 03:59 AM
5 344
hey guys, can someone explain me Poiseuillie's law, because, I'm reading and reading and reading and don't understand...
Apr8-14 01:38 AM
4 177
I have pictured I model about how electrons move in a circuit, What happens first is that electrons are built up on...
Apr8-14 12:03 AM
3 214
Hello everyone, I want to have a simple example of an inductance calculation. The magnetic field normal to a...
Apr8-14 12:00 AM
2 141
So, I have been studying angular velocity and linear velocity--and I want to use this information determine if a ray...
Apr7-14 11:08 PM
Simon Bridge
7 222
This relates to the extension of a uniform cross-section, homogenous, ideal wire which extends within the proportional...
Apr7-14 10:01 PM
6 203
I am currently working on an experiment with piezoelectricity and was wondering how I would measure the force applied...
Apr7-14 05:38 PM
3 177
Hi, I was wondering what the frequency of a photon is according to maxwell's equations. Does the...
Apr7-14 05:04 PM
24 758
Dear Engineers, My name is Humza Afaf and I have recently started a new business in Pakistan. Due to energy crisis...
Apr7-14 02:39 PM
0 127
Hi! I have been studying AC generators. I am confused about why there is no current when the armature is...
Apr7-14 02:07 PM
4 174
I have a quick question regarding causality in SR and some specific examples. Collision between two bodies is one of...
Apr7-14 11:03 AM
10 450
Hello :smile: ! Let \mathbf{E}_1, \mathbf{H}_1 be an electromagnetic field due to certain sources \mathbf{J},...
Apr7-14 08:21 AM
0 112
According to Faraday's Law a changing magnetic field induces an electric field, an example of this is if you have a...
Apr7-14 08:18 AM
3 162
Sorry, but this will be a long post. This isn't homework, I'm reviewing physics after many years of neglect. ...
Apr7-14 06:00 AM
8 347
Imagine I am standing but not moving forward/backward, but I am rotating my body about my own axis. Now imagine if I...
Apr7-14 12:20 AM
1 146
I am not well versed in complex physics (I've taken honors physics in High school) so any help I can get with simpler...
Apr6-14 11:08 PM
6 247
How come a spring with applied weight of 1000 g goes down 9.8 cm but the same spring with applied weight of 500g goes...
Apr6-14 08:16 PM
2 157
Hi so I am trying to find the analytic solution for the steady state temperature distribution of a 2D plate which...
Apr6-14 05:24 PM
0 105
Consider a solenoid of length l, no. of turns N, n = N/l, area A, and negligible resistance. In its middle is placed...
Apr6-14 04:17 PM
rude man
8 227 Consider the following setup (see...
Apr6-14 01:26 PM
54 1,349
Greetings, I fell upon a certain question and it seemed that no matter what I did I was unable to solve it. I wished...
Apr6-14 10:08 AM
11 284
Hi all, as already implied by the title, I'd like to compute the entropy of an ensemble of particles in a...
Apr6-14 08:47 AM
0 124
Given a system's Lagrangian, How can we calculate the equilibrium points corresponding to the system? also how can we...
Apr6-14 08:12 AM
1 129
Greetings, I was thinking about bouncing a tennis ball against a wall and how its momentum and kinetic energy would...
Apr6-14 02:10 AM
4 135
Hi, does somebody know a good website with many exercises about Lagrangian/Hamiltonian mechanics? And I mean problems...
Apr6-14 01:47 AM
1 149
Suppose we have two co-linear strings under tension, attached far away, and with propagation speed v. Let the strings...
Apr5-14 03:38 PM
0 165
As I understand it, The intensity and extensive thermodynamic system parameters can only be internal parameters. The...
Apr5-14 01:38 PM
6 211
It is said that in an isobaric expansion of a gas pressure remains constant throughout the expansion process. ...
Apr5-14 11:43 AM
4 171

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